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Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!
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Default Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!

Welcome to another instalment of my Tutorials!
Lets look at some more 'Tau" ways to kill, quick and clean is the Tau modo here.

Suprise! Happy Birthday, Have a cup of hurt!

2 unit of flootslogging Carbine FWs
2 units of FWs in DFs (to hide and launch the suprise attack)
2 units of PathFinders (Mininum amount of PFs recomended) in DFs.

Walk the footsloggers in the general directrion oif the enemy army, to attempt to draw them out, into the trap. All the while use the Carbiners in DFs to shoot up and draw in the rest of the army into the trap. Now, DO NOT MOVE the other DFs with the pulse rifles, keep them hidden! (On an other not, place some (2 units so 6 teams) of Sniper drones to aid in a cusher motion)
From my experiance people tend ignore what ever is not zipping towards them. And they should have expeianced an FoF before, so the PFs in the DFs will attract more fire that anytihng else, as they may be mistaken for FWs.
So you are engaging the enemy and pick them off one by one, just to annoy them, so it works, and they are trying to get up in combat, or to shoot you down, but you have to get them near the hidden Fire Warriors and sniper drones! no matter what that is your goal!, so his army is knocking what to do now,

Sling shot you people over the LoS blocking Terrian and engage with every thing, now use those Pathfinders you sould have tried to get out last turn to Mark the targets and calling seekers to vape entire units (All DF should have had full seeker missile complements, and a Sky Ray as the other Heavy Support slot. ) Stope the retreating Carbiners and open fire with everything you've got. Now, if you did this right, That one motion you just one the game.

I have more, Tau ways to kill. I am too tired to put the rest.

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Default Re: Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!




I'm sorry, but your post is a bit hard to read, as it is written. I am having trouble understanding your strategy as a result.
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Default Re: Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!

yeah me too but let me see if i understand it right

the above units in your post arrange a trapwith the two footsloggers move up to attract the attention of the enemy army while shooting with carbines (dont understand that part)

meanwhile you let the firewarriors hang back and the pathfinders just attract attention and kill soldiers with sniper drones

eventually you get the enemy army to to a good point and you strike with all your fire warriors and light everything with the pathfinders for the skyray and sniper drones

it is a new look on a good strategy and i like it but im more concerned about armor than anything like when the enemy gets in his land raider strike force and slices up EVERYTHING but i just have to be negative about it in some way
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Default Re: Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!

So..... 240 points of foot slogging infantry with short range, anti-infantry weapons walking down the board? Yeah, that'll work. :
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Default Re: Tutorial: We are Tau, it is time we start to kill like it!

This army has no anti-tank power at all (pulse rifles don't count :P) and...well...you mention Sniper Drones but don't include them in the army :-\
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