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Are Kroot a good choice?
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Default Are Kroot a good choice?

hi it was just on mind all day are kroot a good choice for a tau army are the kroot hounds a good choice is all the kroot krootox kroot hounds a good choice tell me what you think
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Default Re: are kroot a good choice

Depends on the situation. While not a big fan of kroot myself, I did field a unit of 16 without a shaper in a game I played against my wife's Witchhunters. They took a few casualties on the way in, but the 12 that were left DUSTED her unit of 10 Seraphim in 1 turn. I was very impressed.... Perhaps the kroot deserve to share in the Tau destiny....
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Default Re: are kroot a good choice

It depends on what your opponent is using, and how you play, but overall I would say yes. YES kroot are good, because their cheep, and great for holding positions in cover, and YES Hounds are good, because they have high Initiative. My usual opponent is SM, so I4 really comes in handy, my hounds strike simultaneously, and then I take whatever casulties the kroot have suffered from the hounds so that the rest of my kroot get to attack. I've herd that the hounds will actually be getting I5, so they will be even better ;D.
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Default Re: are kroot a good choice

For some odd reason I'm tempted to start a Kroot mercinary army if the funds become available... for the reason that they have neat stuff. And they're kroot.

I think one of the best things a Kroot force can do is compliment another force per the Kroot mercinary rules. Since my Eldar don't have enough points to be super compeditive (or intimidating), I made up stats for some Kroot hunter kindred to fight alongside the Eldar. Having more sniper rifles is a good thing, and with feildcraft and Fleet of claw (as bonuses) it makes them even better.

As part of the Tau the Kroot seem...limited. They aren't allowed to shine in the way the mercinary list seems to convey. If it were my choice I'd like to see some of the Mercinary list features added to Codex: empire (Like the adaptations for fleet of claw).

And the great gnarlac looks awesome. If only for the fact that you have to have goads to push a rampant one into enemy lines. I wish I could sample them without having to shell out $50 or so.
If nothing else, the Kroot know how to throw a good party.
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Default Re: are kroot a good choice

Heck yes, Commando Fanatics are awesome. They sit behind that 12 inch by 6 inch piece of wilderness and have at it while the stupid Space marines try to make up their minds wheather they want to go through the woods, or around the woods. Don't like having no save, though. It's like someone is going after your genatailia and you can't block for some reason, even though you can see it coming.
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Default Re: are kroot a good choice

Its always a close call for me between firewarriors and kroot.

Personally i will always go for kroot over Firewarriors, the main reason is infiltrating, they can get right into fire range on turn 1, compared to the firewarriors who need a fish to make any decent advance.

With infiltrate in mind, your Kroot will have less of a distance to travel to get into CC, usually no less than second turn and you'll be assaulting if you wish it, thats 3 attacks when charging....not something any opponent will shrug off lightly in large numbers.

Kroot benefit alot more from cover than Firewarriors too, especially with basic 2 attacks to deter assaults they can form a very effective pillbox while more mobile (and expensive) tau units dart in and out providing support.

Last but by no means least, a basic kroot is only 7 pts, you can quite realistically field 100 kroot for 700pts and still have alot left over for Core Tau units in a 1500pt game, at those numbers any and all opponents will be hard pressed to stop you over running them.

I like the kroot (fluff and model and rules wise)..minus kroot hounds, ugly buggers.
Mercenary rule is also a stupid addition, the terms of the Tau/kroot treaty specifically forbids the Kroot taking on mercenary roles, so theres no reason they would be classed as such when fighting with the Tau.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Are Kroot a good choice?

YES kroot are the best choice in hordes for any situation involving enemy infantry
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Default Re: Are Kroot a good choice?

If your fighting infantry, kroot are great, anything else, still great, as they get three strength 4 attacks each when charging.
Krootox are too expensive, the kroot guns pretty good, but theres no need to take it.
And then theres kroot hounds, they're cheap, and in my opinion pretty good, but they're all opinion.
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Default Re: Are Kroot a good choice?

No; kroot are not worth it. If you are doing a Mech Tau army, they can't get a transport. I mostly play on flat terrain (lucky me) so anything that moves within the no-mans' land (24") is deader than a doornail. They're just plain not worth it.
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Default Re: Are Kroot a good choice?

They are indeed good. And with the new 'Dex, they loose their eaters of the dead thing and their add on units(Hounds and Ox) now are all one chart selection. They are very good.
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