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Help against Eldar
Closed Thread
Old 15 Feb 2006, 13:03   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Help against Eldar

Right so this Thursday I have a league game against the best player of said league.

His normal Eldar army is as follows

Falcon - not sure what equiped with.
4-7 Fire dragons in falcon

4 Dark Reapers

4-8 banshee's

4-6 warp spiders

Wraith Lord

20 Guardians with Avatar to become fearless.

I am debating my army choice as we must use same army for two battles and the next foe win or lose is Choas Marines.

Should I go Crisis heavy with B.Sides and 3 squads of Fire warriors?
2 Crisis, F.K. Config, 1 B.Side, 8 pathfinders with seekers on Devil fish and 40 plus firewarriors?
Do y'all have a better idea of army?

I have tons of Tau except for Kroot and enough vehicles for 4 D.F. and 4 Hammer.H.

Also Dornes or Shield generators what would you recommend?

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Old 15 Feb 2006, 13:12   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

2 railheads. 1 ionhead. fireknife shas'el. spend the rest of your points on fire warriors and kroot. (my staple list)

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Default Re: Help against Eldar

Dark reapers are pretty good at killing battlesuits, aren't they? Starcannons on Falcons as well.

I would recommend broadsides with shield drones (a 2/2 squad so the majority toughness/save rules don't screw you over too badly) against the eldar, but they might not be as useful against the chaos.
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Old 15 Feb 2006, 14:04   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

I run crisis heavy myself. JSJ keeps them out of harms way, and long range shots with MP puts a hurt on most eldar troops. I recommend railhead over ion since you can effectively make those 20 guardians dissappear in a single turn...fearless or not

Stealth will help as well, since most eldar will be trying to get into CC the stealth can lead them on while shooting them.

The wraithlord will be a tough nut, but slow. With high toughness, your weapons are limited to MP, plasma, ion, and railgun to take him out. Good luck, they always hurt my army bad.

Warpspiders are awsome but weak. Scorpions and firedragons are very tough but slow. If they are mounted in waveserpants, make it a shooting priority for the HH and/or BS. Try to make the most of your first round of shooting because eldar will be in your face on turn 2. Expect to loose FW and crisis in combat.

Might try a drone skrimish line. I use this tactic to keep nids and other fast fleeting stuff away from my army. A squad of 4 drones in line abreast will cover the frontage of 12". Let them take the initial attack more than 6" in front of your FW lines. The eldar will crush the drones, but then will have to consolidate within rapid fire range. Eldar don't like to be shot in the open... 6 scorpions, 6 firedragons, and any number of banshees will dissapear with good fire concentrations


PS, forget the avatar, by time he gets to battle, the game is over

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Default Re: Help against Eldar

wairth lord is seeker fooder same for the flacon . rember the seeker missle comes form its launcher not its marker light is indepent of its launches actions or modifers. so run a fish up the side and hit on the back sided where holo feild dosn't work.

dark reapers can every on here say marker lighted missle pod or rail blast

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Old 15 Feb 2006, 15:10   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

The submunitions is probably best used on his aspect warriors, as that way youll be able to get maximum VPs per shot.

Beware of the falcon tho, theyre incredibly hard to kill, so dont go shooting your entire army at them ust cause the first rail shot didnt do any damage.

His wrath lord is gonna need to be baited tho, with a unit of kroot maybe or something like that to keep him budy, whilst you focus your firepower on his squads (make sure you wipe em out completly, theyre very expensive)
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Old 15 Feb 2006, 15:28   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

I would run two Crisis Teams, an Ionhead, a Railhead, 'O in a Fire Knife with Shield Generator, and the rest Fire Warriors. The Crisis Teams that I run are Death Rain and Helios. The Death Rain suits are for the Tanks and the Dark Reapers. The Helios are for the Wraith Lord, the Avatar, and the squads that *REALLY* need to go away. If you can take a Hard Wire Target Lock on the 'Ui in the Fire Warrior squads and put a Markerlight on them. This way you can guide the Helios suits when you hit the Wraith Lord or Avatar.
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

Crisis are not the best choice. Go for stealths. 18, AP5 shots really shine in this type of battle. I go for 3 Hammerheads (2 rails, 1 ion). Also, you need a meat sheild line. Preverably drones. Don't rush. Wait. They'll come to you.

A more agressive approach is to drop drones or battlesuits behind big baddies such as the falcon/waithlord/avatar. This would need a lot of support as they would focus ALL their fire on them. But, if you re smart you can EASILY take down the falcon, wraithlord or avatar. Pie plates help you alot when the aspect warriors try to ambush them.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Help against Eldar

Right, I have narrowed my army selection down to a couple different versions. Let me know what you think.

Army Alpha:
HQ- 'El - Fireknife with 2 drones

Heavy - 1 - Railhead, DL, DP, MT
1 - B.Side Shield Gen

Elites - 2 - Fireknife C.S. 1 leader with Drones
5- S.Suits,
5- S.Suits

Troops - 18 - F.W.

Army Beta:

HQ- 'El - Fireknife with 2 drones

Heavy - 1 - B.Side Shield Gen

Elites - 5- S.Suits

Troops - 30- F.W.

F.Attack- 9 - 8 P.Finder with D.F. with 4 seeker and D.L.

Army Charlie -

HQ- 'El - Fireknife with 2 drones
1 - Bodyguard C.S. fireknife

Heavy - 2 - B.Side Shield Gen

Elites - 2 - Fireknife C.S. 1 leader with Drones
5- S.Suits,
5- S.Suits

Troops - 20 - F.W.


Army Delta -

HQ- 'El - Fireknife with 2 drones

Heavy - 3 - B.Side Shield Gen

Elites - 2 - Fireknife C.S. 1 leader with Drones
5- S.Suits,
5- S.Suits

Troops - 18 - F.W.

Let me know I'll be playing my foe tomorrow about 10:30 am by the clock here.

Thanks for the help.

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Default Re: Help against Eldar

Never take drones on a commander, it ruins their independant character status.

Take Alpha minus the drones and take a single unit of 6 stealths. Spend the rest of the points on firewarriors.
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