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Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?
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Old 15 Feb 2006, 11:13   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

Is it? I think it needs a 'Fish instead of Kroot
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Default Re: Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

I don't know what the conversion rate is into Australian dollars...but as a whole, with ANY army box, only buy it if you want to get everything that's in it. I don't know why anyone would buy it for another reason...but it's cheaper to get one than everythin in it specifically. Getting the Codex a bit sooner is a nice bonus too, but hardly a reason to buy it (yes- I know some of you are that sad as to be tempted by it :P). You watch- people will have advance copies on Ebay for $50+ US and people will buy them.

Anyways, it looks like a good flexible deal and a nice base for the army if that's what you intend to field. Just stick in some more Fire Warriors and Devilfish and it's a full army. Bam. Too easy?
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Default Re: Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

I don't think it's all that useful really, very expensive and you don't even get full squads, i mean who's going to take only 3 stealths? (no offence to those who do but 5's or 6's work so much better) If you already have a tau army it is completely useless as you could just buy the new stuff you want separately for cheaper ;D
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Default Re: Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

Depends on what you need, and if you plan to sell off any of it. Its cheeper then buying everything seperately, and im sure theres money to be made by selling off all the new stuff not avilable yet. I'm getting a discount, so yea I'm getting it.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

I basically got the new army set because I didn't have any Tau. I think its good to start with in that it gets you alot of stuff at a discount (the boxsets tend to save you alittle money) . I not sure it would be worth it to get if you were to have over 1000 point or so already.
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Default Re: Is the Tau Empire Army Set worth it?

It's good for beginners and people still making a tau army. I have over 100 kroot 60 fire warriors and 3 tanks. I don't mind the stealth suits cause it's easy to put fusion guns on those. Also asniper team and 6 bugs is not bad. I think 11 bugs would had been better so I didn't have to try to buy two to get more bugs. It's gonna be really hard to trade them.
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