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Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.
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Old 14 Feb 2006, 15:30   #1 (permalink)
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Default Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

Ok here this is his current line up in his army. That he used to beat me with.

2 heavy Carnifex with barbed strangeler, and twin linked small blast templete weapon. t7 w5
1 heavy Carnifex which he maxed up w/o regeneration his ultimat battle fex
3 elite Carnifex which are under 115pts but still a threat
1 hive tyrant with 3 body guard. Hive tyrant has Barbed Strangler
1 Brood lord with about 6-7 genestealers
6 troop squads of genestealers with scuttle.

My Tau inventory in which I can field
1 O'Shova
1 Aun'shi
1 Etheral
60 fire warriors
140 kroot
30 kroot hounds
5 krotox
15 crisis suits
3 tanks
4 transports
18 pathfinders
6 pathfinders with rail guns
20-40 gun drones I havn't put all of them togther espeaclly due to majorty toughness rule
12 shield drones
3 broadsides with plasma rifles
3 broadsides
12 stealth suits
3 fw pirannas (since they in the new codex he allow me to use them)

That's my list that I can use to make an army with to combat the nids. The main problem is in turn 1 and 2 the brood lord and genestealers are gone and I may pull down a fex. But than the battle goes bad due to the fact his carnifexes is in terrain and makes them alot harder to kill. He usally aims for my tanks and brings them down. And the way he deploy his men there is no room to run. Basickly he covers rhe field so there is no escape. My tactic in killing his genestealers in the 1st 2 turns work. But I have to contend with 7 huge monsters that's in my face turn 4. By that turn most of my tanks are gone and I'm left with broadsides and crisis suits.

My tactic I'm thinking about is placking my heavies 2 in the corner and 1 in the middle which he would probably do the same. Have 1 squad of fire warriors as a troop and place them to the right of the board. I'll have my stealth and kroot infiltrate and may deep strike my suits. My goal is to get him to spread his army across the table while I concentate my army in one spot. I'll use my army to destroy his right flank. 1/3 of his monsters will be way on the other side of the table. While i'll be able to do with the 2/3 s that'll be in my face. I'll have to kill the carnifexes with heavy weapons and the hive tyrant. WHile I ignore the others. My main concern is puching a hole in his offensive line. So I'll have some breathing space to be able to manuvere around his Carnifexes.

So If any one has pretty good ideals to deal with the 7 giant menace I would appricate it. Also wanted to know what is a save number of genestealers to allow my fire warriors to fight. The kroot can hold aginst 4-5 so i don't worry about them assasulting 20 kroot to much. But in both battles my fire warriors usally get eaten by the carnifexes.
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

Against the godzilla list you want to be fielding ALL your broadsides, using Helios suits (only really effective combo really) and having some pathfinders light up the TMCs for the broadsides or crisis.

Its not too tough really, the BSs with be shooting the TMCs (Dont start them too far as you need those plasmas) crisis suits in teams of 3 preferebly will be JSJing into range with the helios config, you might want a ethereal so the BSs don't run from nid shooting.

That is really all you need!
Helios suits and broadsides, if he even had a few ravs then the helios config would be alot more difficult to use as he could tie them up with their 19-24" assualt, since he has left himself up protected you can take advantage, just hide behind terrain shooting the BSs untill he gets close enough to safely use the helios.

You will want to take out those stealers before they reach your lines, 3 tl missile suits should do it for the scuttling ones, some bursts or more missles for the bl and retinue, that or kroot.
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

seeker missle are the best againt trynid guard and 3+ save MC's. thought i probley think all of the heavy flex's probley have 2+ saves, so broadsided them
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

whoah thats alot of fex's , this guy is crazy. all you need to do is go broadside heavy and loads of helios suits and he is done for
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

I have more or less the same problem when it comes to nids (posted this question at the beginning of the year). Tau seem to have hard problems with the Nids, from my experience, since the only scatter weapon is a small ordinance blast from the HH. Even my smaller Eldar army did better against 'nids, mostly thanks to some ranger and warp spider assistance.

So what would one do against three carnifexes, a broodlord, a swarm of hormagaunts, and a broodlord and full genestealer bodyguard?

My army? Several crisis suits, one hammerhead, one devilfish, two squads of Firewarriors, max kroot, full drone squadron Pathfinders, 5x stealth suits. I would like RR pathfinders, but they aren't being sold anymore.
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

Play him at his own game, Take 100 kroot, put them in cover everywhere and cover the field yourself. laugh as the Tyranids get swarmed up the yazoo by the Tau.

Maximum stealth suits, enough shots will take down anything and they have the speed and sight blocking ability to survive as they nip in and out between the Kroot heavy pillboxes.

I'd Take Aun'shi, charge him into his elite flex just for the fun of it, with parrying blows, rendings and inv save....i'd actually put money on him winning.

Don't bother with AP weapons, as you said, he's more than likely to hug cover to give hims a workable save, making most of your tanks and PR/FB units useless in the long run.

Quantity over quality for Tyranids.
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

aahhh tokyo attack army one of the easiest to beat some things to stress
1) vehicles are good with disruption pods and can give you some extra time to shoot before relocating
2)pulse rifles ARENT completely useless but they hurt them on 6s so they can sting as opposed to the kroot,id leave them out of the battle
3)heavy weapons on the broadsides and yadda yadda
4)concentrate fire on them one at a time starting with the stronger weapon equipped units remember 1 carnifex at full health is less destructive then 2 with a few wounds left

thats all you need to remember to save tokyo ;D
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

I always thought that the ordinace railgun shot was the large one.

Anyways you really need to have some broadsides so the their tougness will be beaten easier.

Use some pathfinders or FW's with marklights. That sould take away the coversaves of the fex's and them broadside them quick before the new codex comes out.

You're suggested tactic might work but always keep one FW squad mounted to scuttle up the side to say and braodside him again. I personally wouldn't weild kroot because they would be a waste of points. Keep a good firing base to marklight and keep those genestealers away. Use stealths if you want a good infiltrater. Those strength 5 ap5 shots are a wonder against them. Also remember to move you tank a good 7" or so each movement phase and equip with decoy to help stop those immobalized dice roles.

The main thing that you should do is use the Tanks and BS to take out the Fex's and the troops to focuse on the 'stealers.

It could also help to tell us what the points cost for the game is.

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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

My list:

1 Commanader Crisis:Helios

3 Crisis: Brightwind (plamsa/burstcannon/MT)
6 Steatlhs
6 Stealths

12 FW mounted on DF (MT/DL/FD)
12 FW mounted on DF (MT/DL/FD)
12 FW unmounted
12 FW unmounted
20 Kroot (w/Hounds/Shaper)

8 Pathfinders (not railrifles) mounte on DF (MT/DL)
12 Gun drones
12 Gun drones

1 Hammerhead (Railgun, burst cannon, MT/DL)
1 Hammerhead (Railgun, burst cannon, MT/DL)
3 Broadsides (Plasma rifles, MT (or ASS when it comes out))


The commander is designed to hunt down tyrants or carniflexes. With Ap2 or lower, there are no saves possible for them. Since there is lots of terrian you shouldn't be in much trouble when you JSJ.

Brightwind Crisis are insane against hordes. They have the highest amount of firepower for Crisis configs. Use these espeically agaisnt warriors.

Stealths are possible the bane of 'Nids. They spew out massive amounts of AP5 shots (18 per team) and gaunts/stealers would not stand a chance. As a plus, they should have a hard time getting you thanks to the stealth field.

Mounted FWs are for FoF. With Flechette Dischargers (FD), hordes have to pass an armor save, which most 'Nids have porblems with. When you dimished their horde, soak them with pulse fire (24 rapid fire shots are quite deadly).

Unmounted FWs form a firebase to 1) Provide cover fire for your mounted FW and 2) Provide cover fire after the mounted FW FoF a horde. This team should be able to finish off the rememnts of a horde (which by then there shouldn't be many left.)

Kroot provide the essential backup if your FW are in a tight situation. They can provide a devastating counter-charge (Who can say no to 40 Str.4 attacks?) Use them.

Pathfinders (especially with the new rules) increase your deadly effencicy. Use them agressively. Place them within 2 ft. of the biggest baddie so that your Heavy support can easily take care of them. Also, light up hordes so that your FWs get an "unfair" advantage (As if they need one ;D).

Drones are the "expendable" side of your force (even though they cost more than the average FW). Use them to tie up fast units (ex. Raveners). They can hold them off your a turn or 2 and even pin them. This should buy your force a preciuos turn or 2.

Hammerheads provide the first wave of bombardment. They make 5" holes in your enemy lines and can shrug off most attacks. What out for the stray vemon cannon! Use a squad of drones to protect your heavy support.

Broadsides are also a bombardment weapon. Don't waste your Str.10 shots on a gaunt. Use them where they belong. Tyrants, Zopaplothes, Carniflexes!

Bascicly, don't rush the 'Nids. They'll come to you.

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Question? I have problems with a Tyranids army would like some advice.

Ok it's a 2000 pt army. For your clarification it's not 3 Carnifexs but 6.

The army I was playing with

1 Shas'o Force field, Plasma, Missle pod, And Multi Tracker
2 Crisis Suits missle pod, Plasma, and multi tracker
60 kroot
24 fire warriors
6 stealth
3 broadsides riged with plasma and multi. The ldr had a target lock
2 hamerheads with rail guns
3 Pirannas forgot to upgrade thier bs to 4

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