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Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau

Hello! I am a Tyranid player sick of Tyranids and want to sell them to get Tau, could somebody please help me write up a 1000 point army list so that when i get paid i can go out and buy some stuff! Thanking you in advance.
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Default Re: Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau

just a tad of advice, id wait for the new models and codex to come out, then we can probably give you a better list, and better models
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Default Re: Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau

there may be a new codex coming out but firewarrior are still going to be fire warriors at the end of it all and you must have 1+ of them so start with them. then you need another Troop so another box of fire warriors or kroot or Human auxilleries. you can get that all now but i would wait to buy the HQ when the new codex comes out in a month and the new commander spure comes out.
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Default Re: Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau

Hi, welcome to Tau Online, I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

First of all, let's be honest. Tau are difficult to play. They are hard to master, and their unique style means you will often need to try things out instead of relying on experience from other races. So, be prepared to lose a couple of games, I am not saying you *WILL*, but the average player loses some games with Tau before they find their ground. Know what I'm saying?

So, if you still want to play Tau, take a check at this:


You should spend a couple of hours looking through various threads here, as you can learn a whole lot from just reading. Remember to try things out in practice as well, after you've read, so that you know how to apply the theory in practice. That is very important, because it is not enough to 'know' how to do it, you should also try it out some time in order to see how it actually performs, and whether it fits your style of play or not.

Also, there are lots of experienced and skilled Tau players around here, eager to point new things to learn and do.
T0nkaTruckDriver will most certainly provide you with some nice links if you prefer a mechanized Tau army approach, not to mention searching his name will provide a lot of tactical insight threads (anyone remember the: 'fireknife: why you shouldn't use them' thread?).
MalVeauX is always helpful and will be glad to help you out. He's a mod in the IG forum, but he knows a whole lot about Tau, and is always ready to give his advice.

Lastly, feel free to PM me about something you wonder.

Enjoy your stay, good luck with Tau

Ko'vash Tau'va

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Default Re: Hello to everyone on this site, New and wanting some advice on Tau

buy the advanced ordr empire army box, it is 1100 points appox.
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