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Against Nurgle at 800 points
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Old 12 Feb 2006, 16:12   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Against Nurgle at 800 points

Nurgle is a baine of my 40k career. not once have I beaten my opponent who has nurgle.

The Person I regularly battle uses nurgle. specifically the one that infiltrates all of his infantry into my end of the board.

And Averavge list of his would be:

Defiler with Direct Battle cannon, havoc missle. Parasidic infection

Demon Prince with all the trimmings, and a manreaper

2 squads of 7 plague marines

and one squad of havocs with plasma

My list for next time will be something like

Shas'el with helios and sheild gen,

2 squads of 8 firewarriors

3 or 4 shas'ui crisis with helios and sheild generators

Ionhead with burstcannon, decoy launcher, multitracker

4 pathfiners + devilfish, shas'ui team leader with target lock.

we all ways play on a 4' X 4' table.

now he is threatening with a 8 base nurgling squad..

what am I to do?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: against nurgle at 800

Have you tried using a lot of firewarriors?

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Old 12 Feb 2006, 16:24   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: against nurgle at 800

oh man! am i glad to hear somebody shares the same woes as i do! i play nurgle marines alot with my tau. and yes, he ALWAYS chooses infantry that infiltrate. but, lucky you, your playing on a tiny board. heres how i won the last battle (barely):

first, mobilize everything. if you dont play mech tau and you face infiltrators often, its time to reconsider. i mount everything in devilfishes.

second, set up most of your force on one side of the board, and a little bit on the other. get him to deploy heavily to match your heavy side, kind of like a refused flank. get some stealth suits or kroot, and hope to god you win roll for infiltrators. then, ilfiltrate onto his side of the board, on his left or right quarter. by now, if you deployed right, you have forces in your side left and right quarters, AND his side left OR right quarter. make sure that your guys can draw line of sight to things, so he HAS to be at least 18" away. this will force him to deploy into that last, tiny, little corner on his side. this pretty much makes trash of his infiltrating ability.

last, pull a fast one on him. move all your units over to the side that he has the least amount of stuff on. kill anything thats there by focusing firepower. then, when the rest of his army realizes your allll the waaaay over there...he has to march towards you the long way, across the board. then, set up shop and shoot him as he gets close. if he does get too close, pack up and get into the fishes and run away.

a few priority recommendations -

use the pathfinders to target his demon prince, nail him with seekers, ions, and missle pods.

equip most crisis suits with TL plasma, period. thats it. rapid fire TL plasma at marines will cut them to shreds. and, because they are only in squads of 7, you only need to kill 4 to make them NON SCORING! sweet!

hope this helps. and believe me, i know how you feel...infiltrating nurgle sucks bigtime!
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Northern Ireland, UK
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Default Re: against nurgle at 800

thanks for the advice, unfortunately this is just a straight fight, annhilation. another problem is that I'm limited to 2 tanks, I only have 1 devilish and 1 hammerhead
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Default Re: against nurgle at 800

Ok. First I need to know how many points this is, and possibly a more complete list from you. I also want to know what sorts of crazy things a nurgle demon prince does.

The first thing I noticed are that you have 4-5 shield generators when you should have none. Secondly your pathfinders are a complete waste of points in this list.
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Old 12 Feb 2006, 23:40   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: against nurgle at 800

Bar'b'que, I'm going to have to agree with DireStrike on the Pathfinders. Now what I would replace them with is a Railhead. Strong enough to take care of the Defiler and versitile for everything else. I like the 'El's config (I run a Fire Knife 'O with a shield generator), but for your Crisis Team... have a drone controller with a 2 Shield Drones. That should take care of your problems.
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