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CIB mini rending explanation
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Default CIB mini rending explanation

somewhere recently in here I read a question much to the effect of:

"What does "if you roll a 6 to wound, then the hit is AP1, regardless of toughness..." now what does AP1 have to do with toughness? AP1 doesnt do anything with to-wound"

well, I was wondering the same thing, and asked a rules guru at my local gaming store... he spelled it out for me pretty clearly:

The weapons basic stat is AP:whatever, Strength:whatever, after a hit, you roll to wound. Now, special rules aside, a 6 pretty much always wounds, and then you would roll for a save... at THIS point, the AP1 comes in..... the 6 was already rolled, and the wound was already successfull, now its time to negate the armor save.

... just thought I'd share
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Default Re: CIB mini rending explanation

Shouldn't this belong to the General 40K board?
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: CIB mini rending explanation

No, seeing as it's to do with Tau weaponry - CIB = Cyclic Ion Blaster. In effect, this makes it very similar to the Ranger Long Rifle. Thanks for sharing .
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Default Re: CIB mini rending explanation

The rule is most commonly seen in the Sisters of Battle. They have an Act of Faith called Divine Guidance which confers this "mini-rending" or "Sisters-Style-Rending" on one of their units. If you're looking for a preview of the CIB, check the Sisters Codex.
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