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WC (not the bathroom)
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Default WC (not the bathroom)

I was wasting time arround at the games workshop online store and found no tau battleforce anymore so i searched for tau battleforce and one of the results was those:

"Water caste members"
(INQ) Tau Water Caste
Part Code: 99111399057
Price: $25.00

Now, who are those? are they new or old?, are they the psykers or some sort of thing of the tau?
Does they grant a wealthier paycheck for the firewarriors, thus giving them more leadership?
Or are they just fluffy, you know, defend him rescue that, bla bla bla sort of miniature like the imperial/tau pilots at forgeworld and battle for mcragge?

just wondering, i couldn't read the rumors page cuse i still use phone modem so, its crappy and it takes ages to go thru all those pages.
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Default Re: WC (not the bathroom)


Have you read your own Codex (Assuming you have the Tau one)?

Water Caste are the beaurocrats and diplomats of the Tau (who, as a race, have no psykers) - if you don't know that, you need some serious reading time. Also, the models are for Inquisitor - the RPG based in the 40k universe.
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Default Re: WC (not the bathroom)

you are looking at an inquisitor scale model. not used with 40k :'(
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Default Re: WC (not the bathroom)

You could make a statue of a famous Por out of it... like the one that convinced the Gue'La that the Tau are a galactic power :P. In model terms, though, he would be able to look a Wraithlord in the... eye?
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Default Re: WC (not the bathroom)

Yeah, he is for a different game.

"Inquistor" is a role playing game based in the 40k universe, and that model is for "Inquistor". He should be roughly the size of a wraithlord as said above.

Anywho, the model is *not* for warhammer 40k, and rules for water caste are *not* in the new codex.

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