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Old 09 Feb 2006, 10:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default Mercenaries

i have an army themed around acceptence of other culture so im thinking'why not make some crazy lookin mercinaries and throw em in there instead of fw so , any ideas, im not sure if this will get moved to creations but technically we arnet really creating

anything welcome
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Default Re: Mercenaries

Well maybe some Rouge gaurd but thats already taken.

There's one ork clan that will sell out to the highest bidder. They should cost more seeing how they are Ork mercs (So that means a lot of toothless Tau walking around ;D).

Any race except for SM, and Eldar can be mercs but Chaos mercenaries might not be the best choice for an ally.

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Default Re: Mercenaries

Well, you could always use the standard kroot and FW rules to include some different looking models, or gue'vesa, or use a bas template stat like a GEQ, then add on a couple of weird traits, e.g moves as cavalry (paying appropriate cost any way) or use creature feature rules to create a weird unit. The possibilities are endless
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Default Re: Mercenaries

The ork clan your thinking of is the blood axes, lots of infiltratey goodness there
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Default Re: Mercenaries

Or since all hunter cadres base with Firewarriors you could simply use the cumpulsory firewarrior squad, maybe a second and then take a lot of auxilaries. We have Kroot, Gue'vesa and now Vespids. You can take 4 races and put a lot of very different looking models on the field in a perfectly legal, legit and unmodified army.

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Default Re: Mercenaries

read kill team- they'll have listings, theres always tarrelians and the like- go there
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Default Re: Mercenaries

an ideas bout a guy who i could claim was another unit but looked different
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Default Re: Mercenaries

well, Human Auxillaries lets you play very different looking mercenaries incorporated with your army... I like the theme, so let me think a bit...

Simple human auxilaries dont have to be simple... by example, whats stopping you from having a 10 man Aux Squad..... 2 Cadian, 2 Catachan, 2 Armageddon, 2 Mordian, and 2 Tallarn? They may be hard to gather, or as easy as trading bits with an IG guy, but if each one was done up 100% to their theme, with an added theme of a Tau Rifle or backpack here and there, then youd have a VERY varied mercenary/multiculture unit sitting right there! Best thing is, Tau auxillaries is about the only place you can legally (or merely fluff-legally) see all these guys together and in the same squad!

hmm another way is to have very differently colored Kroot, representing Kindreds from many different environments (planets), combined in a single pack.

Even Tau Firewarriros have some cultural variances: mostly in color scheme... but the honey gold guys, the shark grey guys, the city camo guys, and Ice world guys, etc, can spell out multi culture as well

but if you meant proxy in other models to still 'count as' Tau units? thats a bit more difficult... lets say you wanted an IG sentinal to 'count as' a Crisis suit... wow! youd have to incorporate Hammerhead engine pods, and Crisis weaponry (actually, that sounds like a really REALLY kewl conversion!), and so on... ( > <--evil grin) But taking SM Terminators with assault cannons, painting them up Tau-ey and then say they 'count as' Stealth suits would probably get you burnt at the stake!! ;D

or.. maybe some Eldar models can be chopped up a bit to make Tau units... I'm not too familiar with them, but I think the Warp Spider looks enough like a Tau Stealth Suit Prototype to fit in pretty well, dont ya think??

oof! well, thats about enough 'thinking about this' for one post! :P
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