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Assaulty Stealths
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Default Assaulty Stealths

Stealth Suits are a lot of peoples favorites, and maybe they know about this already, but here’s something I recently strung together:

Stealths have an assault3 weapon.. The assault word being important

Stealths have 2 base attacks

Stealths have S4

What does this mean? Well, it means a team of Stealth suits (lets say a full 6) Jumps into assault range, then throws 18 S5 dice at a SM unit, then charges in for an additional 18 S4 attacks! Granted they’re at WS2/I2, so it isn’t the best setup.. But there’s a way to improve it (If I have the rules right): MAYBE the Camo field works in assaults as well, field overrides frag grenades OR they dont work when the Frag grenade carriers are the ones who are assaulted.

Yet another way to improve this approach: Separate Gun Drone Squads. Gun drones also have assault weapons, and also get to shoot then charge. With the current Drone special rules (specifically: any attack that can be directed at drone, must be), then MAYBE if a SM squad is faced with a Stealth team and a Drone Squad… then they HAVE to direct their attacks at the drones, making the I2 Tau units ‘safe’!

Added benefits of this combined team is that after shooting and assault attacks that get through, the enemy unit may be at very low strength (lets say much below half) (-1), may have actually lost the combat due to sheer numbers (-1), and those very same sheer numbers may end up at say 3:1 (-2?), netting around -4 morale to the assaulted unit… and if they fallback, they may get wiped out, because the gun drones have the exact same I Value as even vaunted SM units! And if the combat went horribly wrong for the Tau, well, both units fallback 3d6 inches…

Granted, a maxed out Stealthsuit and gun drone squad will cost a minimum of 276 points… which is quite high.. But if you can wipe out a 10 man Assault Squad with minimal losses, well the cost may pay for itself!

Add to this teamwork further support, like a nearby FOF pre-charge hose down, a big old Kroot squad also charging, the new and shiny Vespid doing their thing, and well, you can indeed have an proactive counter-assault aggressive TAU! ;D

There are a lot of “MAYBE” ’s up there, and clearing those up would be appreciated, as would any further benefits, or any other drawbacks. Share your thoughts!
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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

I totally agree, on monday when my six stealths were unable to get through the armour of a defiler (rear armour) with their 18 shots, I charged in and bashed it with the burst cannon barrels.
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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

Hmmmm...... possible but risky. You have to pick your targets very carefully with this kind of attack. Too many enemies or bad dice rolls will kiss your stealths goodbye. This tactic to me seems a really good way of eliminating the remnants of a squad. It would work a heap better if you used your FW's to take out even more of them first.

That said, losing even one Stealth Suit can be nasty. They only have one wound and Toughness 4 (or 3?) so they aren't that hard to kill. If in doubt, JSJ. If not, charge!

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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

well units can only use frag grenades if charging so you probably will go first at I 10
and I like the idea of using gundrones i may try it when i finally get the new stealths
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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

toughness 3, and if you have ws 2 against sm, thats just asking for it, what with the amount of attacks that will just plain miss from your stealths. I like the idea, but i dont think its how they are meant to operate or are good at operating.
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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

They're better than most Tau in HTH, but still not great. They can win combats against remnants of units or other "scared of HTH" kinda units like guardsmen.

One of the few cases where O Shovahs ork fighter upgrade could actually be halfway decent!
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Default Re: Assaulty Stealths

Yes, My Farsight once killed a squad of bloodletters, a squad of chaos marines and ended the game by assaulting a fully pimped daemon prince, all this without dying. This is also called luck, incredible such.

Let's all wake up and smell the coffee. First, stealths do not get I10 when they assault, they only get it when being assaulted. Second, take away that I10 and witness the total suckiness of the bad WS/I combo that they have. Third, if I remember correctly, the Defiler is a walker, and thus in CC you will always hit its front, thus you cannot even glance a Defiler in CC with stealths. Sure, the Str is fine, and 3 attacks are fine but that doesn't help very much if the squad will be raped before they get a chance to hit. Stealths should not assault unless that is the only, final, option, just as with all other Tau units. Risking 180pts on an assault that isn't necessary is foolish.
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