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[BatRep] 1250 Tau vs the Imperium's finest
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Default [BatRep] 1250 Tau vs the Imperium's finest

Another quick pickup game but this time I wanted to try out one of Bulldog's Tau lists to see just how much damage a few dozen pulse rifles are capable of. Turns out I inadvertently borrowed one of his older lists but it's all new to me so it was a great learning experience just the same.

D'lyth Trade Federation[list]Hq
  • Ethereal Ki' Aun Di Mundi' (The Aun) w/ Drone Controller and [2] Gun Drones

  • XV-8 [2] Crisis Suits, each w/ Plasma Rifle & Missile Pod; [1] w/ Multi-Tracker
  • XV-15 [6] Stealth Suits w/ Target Lock

  • Gundam MS 8th [12] Fire Warriors, Bonded
  • Gundam Vanguard [10] Fire Warriors, Bonded w/ Drone Controller and [2] Gun Drones
  • SD Gundam [12] Fire Warriors, Bonded w/ Devilfish (Multi-Tracker)
  • [20] Kroot Carnivores

Heavy Support
  • XV-88 SDF-1 [2] Broadsides w/ Target Lock, Drone Controller & [2] Gun Drones

UltraMarine II Company, Expeditionary Patrol Detachment[list]Hq
  • Commander Pernini w/ Iron Halo, Artificer Armour, Storm Bolter & Power Sword

Fast Attack
  • [1] Land Speeder w/ Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon
  • [1] Land Speeder w/ Heavy Bolter

  • [5] Terminators, [1] w/ Assault Cannon & Power Fist, [3] w/ Storm Bolter & Power Fist, [1] w/ Storm Bolter & Power Sword
  • [1] Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon & Power Fist/Heavy Flamer

  • [5] Tactical Marines, [1] w/ Heavy Bolter; w/ Razorback
  • [8] Tactical Marines, [1] w/ Lascannon, (1) w/ Flamer
  • [8] Tactical Marines, [1] w/ Lascannon

Heavy Support
  • [1] Predator Vindicator w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon & Sponson Lascannons
  • [5] Devastators w/ [4] Heavy Bolters

To no great surprise, the tactically experienced Marines win side and deployment choosing the side that offered the least amount of LoS blocking cover. I decided to put the Broadsides out on an island with the Ethereal attached to them to give them more Gun Drone shielding. Everything else was piled into the opposite corner and taking advantage of the foilage directly in front of that deployment area. By contrast, the Marines deployed in a numerically balanced formation but stacking much of their anti-infantry firepower opposite my strong side.

The Aun, anticipating that mobile firepower is the key here, signals the Tau attack moments before the Marines are initiate their own attack. It's not often that I win first turn, and with this army it's a roll I'm happy to take advantage of.

- Tau 1 -
Movement: The Kroot leap forward with the 10-man Fire Warrior squad and Devilfish just behind. The Stealth team fly out from the forest while the Crisis suits peek out from the corner of the forest.

Shooting: The Crisis team fail to glance the Razorback while the Stealth team are ineffective against the Terminator armour. By stark contrast, one Broadside destroys the Predator Vindicator while the other penetrates the Razorback, only stunning it but forcing an emergency disembark in the process. The disembarked troops fail their pin test. (?!) The Devilfish and stationary Fire Warriors combine to kill two Devastators who pass their morale check.

Assault: The Crisis suits slide back behind the forest cover while the Stealth suits attempt to slide laterally around the forest towards the Kroot.

- Marines 1 -
Movement: Both Land Speeders, the Terminators and the Dreadnought move forward atop the hill.

Shooting: The Devastators and one Land Speeder cut down 8 of the advancing Kroot. The Terminators' enhanced vision allow them to pick out the Stealth suits and with the help of the Assault Cannon Land Speeder viciously cut them down to a single Stealth Suit. The Dreadnought fires at but fails to glance the Devilfish. Both Lascannons fire at the Broadsides to kill a Gun Drone. Both the Kroot and the last Stealth pass their morale check.

Assault: None.

- Tau 2 -
Movement: The Kroot continue to advance straight up the alley, hugging the hillside. The Stealth Suit, passing his last-man standing check, flies up with them. I try out the Fish of Fury maneuver, with the FireWarriors disembarking dangerously close to his Terminator squad. The Crisis suits again peek around the corner of the forest.

Shooting: One Broadsides easily destroys the Dreadnought but the Terminator's invulnerable save proves a match for the other's Railgun. Again, the Crisis team fails to accomplish anything. The Kroot fail their leadership test to shoot at the Devastators so instead immobilize (destroy) the nearest target, the Assault Cannon Land Speeder. MS 8th passes their leadership and kills another Devastor. Lone Stealth suit fires at but fails to wound more Devastators. SD Gundam and the Devilfish combine to kill two Terminators while Gundam Vanguard downs the other Land Speeder. Both the Devastators and Terminators pass their morale checks.

Assault: Crisis suits jump back behind the forest. I forgot to move the Stealth suit.

- Marines 2 -
Movement: Razorback advances slowly straight ahead. Terminators have a difficult time with the hill terrain attempting to advance around the Devilfish.

Shooting: The Devastators kill another four Kroot. The Terminators kill three of the closest Fire Warriors. The Razorback, Heavy Bolter from the smaller Tactical squad and the two Lascannons from the other Tactical squads combine to kill the remaining Gun Drones and one Broadside. The Kroot fail both Morale checks while the Fish of Fury Fire Warriors pass both Morale checks -- I elected to reroll.

Assault: The Terminators fall short of the assault due to the hill terrain and removal of the closest Fire Warriors.

- Tau 3 -
Movement: Lone Stealth passes his LMS check. Kroot rally and consolidate back towards the Devastators with the Stealth now in front of them. The remaining nine FoF Warriors re-embark back onto the Devilfish which flies to where the Land Speeders originally deployed. The Crisis suits jump out to the side of the forest, again.

Shooting: MS 8th manage to kill two Terminators, leaving only the Power Sword-wielding Terminator. This puts the remaining Terminator out of LoS of Gundam Vanguard who instead kills one of the two remaining Devastators. The Stealth kills the remaining Devastator. Two of the Kroot are in range of the last Terminator but are ineffective. The Devilfish kills one Marine out of the smaller Tactical squad. The Broadside immobilizes the Razorback which is then vaporized by the Crisis suits, catching three Marines in the explosion but failing to kill any. The remaining Terminator fails his Morale check and falls back -- towards the Devilfish, incidentally.

Assault: The Stealth suit jumps to the far side of the Kroot and the Crisis team again hides behind the forest.

- Marines 3 -
Movement: The last Terminator rallies. I don't remember any other movement in this phase.

Shooting: The Terminator kills another two Kroot with his Storm Bolter. The Lascannon atop the hill kills the remaining Broadside leaving the Ethereal alone and effectively out of Line of Sight. The other Lascannon shoots at but misses the Devilfish. The smaller Tactical squad elects to not shoot. The Kroot pass their Morale check.

Assault: None.

- Tau 4 -
Movement: The Stealth passes his LMS check and, with the Kroot, advance to the smoldering Land Speeder wrecks. The Devilfish returns to the hilltop and re-disembarks the Fire Warriors. The furthest Fire Warrior squad, now out of range of everything, advances forward. The Crisis team jump to the front of the forest. The Ethereal hides deeper within the ravine.

Shooting: Gundam Vanguard, the remaining Kroot and the last Stealth combine to kill the last Terminator. The Devilfish, the Crisis team and SD Gundam combine to kill the smaller Tactical squad and causing one wound to the attached Commander.

Assault: The lone Stealth hugs the hillside while the Crisis team jumps back behind the forest line.

- Marines 4 -
Movement: None.

Shooting: Two Lascannon shots from both Tactical squads immobilize (destroy) the Devilfish. Neither Gun Drone survive the crash. The Commander shoots at but fails to kill any Kroot thanks to vehicle wreckage cover saves.

Assault: None.

- Tau 5 -
Movement: Stealth passes his LMS check and advances with the Kroot towards the Marine central back line. SD Gundam forget to climb aboard the wrecked Devilfish, leaving most of them looking at the back end of their former sled. Crisis team again jumps forward to the front edge of the forest. Gundam Vanguard and MS 8th elect not to advance.

Shooting: Each Fire Warrior squad average only two Warriors that have both Line of Sight and range to a target. Between them, the Kroot, the Stealth and the Crisis suits, a pitiful three Marines from the central Tactical squad fall. They pass their Morale check.

Assault: The Stealth suit jumps back along the ridgeline while the Crisis Suits again jump behind the forest.

- Marines 5-
Movement: None.

Shooting: Marines from the central Tactical squad with Line of Sight shoot at the Fire Warriors peeking out from behind the Devilfish but fail to kill any. The Lascannon atop the hill picks out the Crisis Team through the forest, killing a Gun Drone. The Commander kills the two closest Kroot who pass their Morale check.

Assault: None.

- Tau 6 -
Movement: The last Stealth finally fails his LMS check and falls back. SD Gundam climb atop the Devilfish wreckage. The Kroot advance within rapidfire of the central Tactical squad. The Crisis team make one final jump to the front of the forest.

Shooting: The Crisis team and SD Gundam combine to kill one Marine from the central Tactical squad.

Assault: Crisis team jumps back behind the forest as deep as possible.

- Marine 6 -
Movement: The central Tactical squad and the Commander move laterally towards the Kroot.

Shooting: Combined shooting from the moved units kill the remaining four Kroot. The Lascannon and the three closest Marines of the far corner Tactical squad fire kill one Fire Warrior atop the Devilfish.

Assault: None.

Final score: Tau (903) over Marines (625).

My thoughts:
As expected, this Tau list was a nice change of pace for me. It excels in areas that I usually have trouble with, namely ranged high-strength shooting which annihilated any vehicle in front of it and goodrange anti-infantry firepower. This list also has some mobility although not as much as what's available to the army.

I made several mistakes throughout this game and could definitely improve. For starters, my initial use of the Stealth team was horrible and I need to employ more patience with that unit. The Kroot also were not used terribly well, effectively being a meat shield and target of opportunity. I attempted the FoF maneuver far too close to the targets and that almost cost me that unit were it not for low rolls on his difficult terrain. In hindsight, I should have started to lateral that unit towards his remaining forces immediately after re-embarking. I failed to maneuver the two trailing Fire Warrior units on the second to last turn into a better position for my last turn which meant they were only a factor for four turns of the six. I suppose my usage of the Broadsides could have been better, but they accomplished all of their objectives so I can't complain about them too much.

Some might say that I was far too aggressive as a full half of my forces were operating on his side of the table. This was actually part of my gameplan going in as it allows me to control where the fight is going to happen and at least partially dictate the tempo of the game. Sure it can be a mistake, and there were a couple of things that I was dreading that could very easily have caused problems, but it still matches how I generally play and I wanted to see how effective this army could be doing that.

In the end, even though I enjoyed the high mobility and lethal firepower of the Tau, I can safely say they do not play to my personal style which tends to push in too far without quite enough followup to support the advance. Not generally a great tactic to employ but it usually makes for some nice headaches on both sides. :P

A rather fun army to play, I'll admit. ;D

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Default Re: [BatRep] 1250 Tau vs the Imperium's finest

Nice report. Looks like you had a good victory, but I'd have to say you were quite lucky in some areas. Or maybe I'm just really unlucky. My kroot almost never make thier moral checks :, and if your opponint got a chance to get into HTH, especially with those terminators, you would have had a hell of a time trying to get out. I've literally had at least a quarter of my forces get tied down in cc trying to kill of 3 tac marines . But it was a good battle, and its nice to see some pics. A pic with more of the overall field would be better though .
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Default Re: [BatRep] 1250 Tau vs the Imperium's finest

Nice win! Glad to see more people trying tau out,even if they don't suit everyone.

On the down side, there were some pretty big flaws in your list construction. Could you post it in the relevant child board so we can tear it apart?
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Default Re: [BatRep] 1250 Tau vs the Imperium's finest

Those termies, if they hadn't shot, probably would have won the game for him. The fw's probably would have been in assault range (even with those lousy rolls) been scattered, and then the crisis/stealthsuit consolodated into. Maybe a draw or close to one after that.

Nice to see that someone's trying new things around here! Hopefully, you can soon finetune that new strategy into something extremely deadly.
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