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Mech on Mech
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Default Mech on Mech

How do Mech armies combat other mech armies like gaurdsmen and such?

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Default Re: Mech on Mech

That sounds like the kind of situation that results in a long range stand off...

Mech Tau would give you an advantage though; 12" movement and rail guns being your biggest assets.
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Default Re: Mech on Mech

To quote,
In Mech VS Mech, after all the manouvering, whoever drops the hammer first wins.
So, get into position and let rip. Destroy his mobility.
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Default Re: Mech on Mech

well the way i combat mech armies is use the cover to a maximum so they cant see your devilfishes and keep the hammerheads back and snipe off their heavier tanks while you use suits and FWs o take down back av 10-11
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Default Re: Mech on Mech

Lotsa Deathrain suits ;D . Most other mechanized forces have lighter vehicles for transports, and no normal transport (i.e.: not Monliths and Landraiders) has an armor value higher than 12, which the twin-linked missle pods have a decent chance of glancing/penetrating. Also, most side armor is 11 or 10, which is even easier for us to defeat. Equally as devestating to light armor is the Ion Cannon. Plus, for the high armor value stuff, we have Sunforge suits and Railguns.
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Default Re: Mech on Mech

I find Mech vs. Mech games to be a lot of fun. My favorite game was against a 1500 point Speed Freaks army with a single large squad of bikes, a battle wagon, about 15 assorted buggies, and a pair of wartrucks. I was playing a hybrid force against them. I lost virtually all my infantry, except for a few survivors in each squad who seemed to kill more than they had before they took75-85% casualties. My two hammerheads rarely managed to shoot as they were absorbing every zzap gun and rokkit launcher in his army every turn. Eventually one crashed and the other had its railgun blown off, but while they were soaking up fire, my crisis and stealth suits were reaping a bloody toll. I lost an entire squad of fireknife suits to double ones, third edition, trying to deepstrike them behind his battle wagon. The game ended in a draw, but it was a blast.
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