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Counter Tactics
Closed Thread
Old 05 Feb 2006, 17:34   #1 (permalink)
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Default Counter Tactics

Having gone over the tau tactics on this forum, I'm wondering what tactics are used to counter ours.

If any one wants to post strategies to beat FoF or Kroot in the Woods (among other tactics), or post links to other threads that deal with counter tactics, be my guest. I'm trying to compile a list so we can assess what moves the enemy can/would make and what we can do to respond.

I prefer longer posts with support for the tactic, as well as which races would use it. Lists of tactics (also explained and supported, i.e. with links) are also welcome.

-shana sel
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

shooting under the devil fish works agasint FOF usally with a heavy bolter.

kroot in a forest dealt are dealt with a flamer or just standing back forcing a move.

crisis suits suffer from the deepstriking meltas
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Old 05 Feb 2006, 17:48   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

For anti fof they could do any of this:

Template weapons
Jump packs
Watruks and raiders
Shoot like crazy
blow up the fish
fleet of foot

solution watch out and know the enemy very well

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Old 05 Feb 2006, 17:52   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

to beat FoF they can blow our transport up, kroot in the forst flames (as said)

melta and krak missiles are the bane for any crisis suit
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

How about an opponent forcing a pinning test on the squad you've just landed in close in fof?

If you fail (and most Mech Tau FW units don't take the 'ui upgrade) then your boys just got stuck outside the 'fish with no place to go and an assault squad in range next turn...

Any army with any type of pinning weapon could inflict a casualty in this situation.
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Old 05 Feb 2006, 18:44   #6 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

if they blow up our transports then were not going to be doing any fish of fury for a while (damn meltas)
Old 05 Feb 2006, 18:46   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

I recently beat a tau army with my 750 points of bad moons, heres the lists:

1 ork warboss in mega armour with kustum mega blasta (assault 1 plasma cannon)
1 big mek with a kustum forcefield (anything with 6" counts as in cover) and repair tools

17 shoots boys with 3 big shootas
13 flash gits with 5 rokkit launchas and 1 powerfist

3 killa kans with rokkit launchas
1 dreadnought with kustum mega blasta and heavy flamer

He fielded a "standard" GW-suggested army list

Commander with plasma and missile pod

3 crisis suits with missile pods and burst cannons & MT

12 fire warriors
12 fire warriors

1 railhead
1 broadside

Basically i used the terrain to shield my army from his suits and half his FWs, whilst getting rid of the railgun ahead, then i used his slower/static firewarriors as a stepping stone (2 killa kans runs in, 4 FW dead the rest run down and D6 consolidate GRIN) for my shock assault units to get closer to his crisis suits. A flanking unit of orks with my commander then went for the SJS piece of terrain the suits had been using all game (a forest) went inside, came out the other and into his commander (who my warboss pulped with his PK)

Counter to the counter?

Firewarriors need to be mechanised, or small pulse carbine units which can be used as a decoy, (they run towards enemy, all other units create a 14"18" no mans land to gun down any survivors.

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Old 05 Feb 2006, 18:59   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

A single blast-template weapon is MURDER to the FoF...

Kroot in Woods: Assault Marines

Crisis suits: Basilisk
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Default Re: Counter Tactics

Good luck getting a FoF with necrons. The only thing in their army that you can safely FoF is flayed ones. Even then they may be equipped with disruption fields and slice your devilfish up.

Scarabs come to mind when kroot are in cover. The mess of wounds and attacks means that the necron player doesn't really care that they are attacking last. Scarabs also ignore difficult terrain, so a full jetbike like move is allowed.

Crisis suits are easy meat for both variants of destroyers, and can be taken down with "flying circus." (immortals and a lord veiling to flay the life out of anything)
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: Counter Tactics


why oh WHY should we spell out foils to developed tactics to someone whos so obviously a xeno spy not willing to embrace the Greater Good? I mean what??!! didja think the Tau Empire was born just 6000 years ago or something?!?

seriously, the answers are pretty simple: Heavy Bolter devestator squads at 31", embedded Lascannons surrounded by power armor meatshields, Dreadnuaghts with Heavy Flamers... 114 Ork Boys screaming at running at us... drop pods carrying Fear the Darkness... etc... in my exp... its pretty easy to counter Tau Tactics.. just play they way youve been playing and dont get shot at too much!
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