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o'shovah question
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Default o'shovah question

Do you you have to use the ''breakaway faction'' rule for farsight or can you use him in regular armies?
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Default Re: o'shovah question

If you use O'Shovah in your army. your army list MUST have the limitations. That is why I would advise only using him in 500-1000 point games.

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Default Re: o'shovah question

As Black Behemoth said, he's great in small battles because you won't use most of the limited options plus get a character that can help fend off HTH combat.

He can actually be good against particular armies, often eldar in my opinion, perhaps tyranids, as the limitations arent too pesky plus you can make your army have that extra edge in combat, I like O'shovah as a close ranged assault faction!

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