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Advice against Dark Eldar
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Old 03 Feb 2006, 16:56   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Advice against Dark Eldar

I got a 900 point match againtst DE tomorrow, but I've only played them twice. I know they're can out run the smell of a pig farm in speed and had hit hard too boot, I nkow they are fragile but I'm not to confident in my knowlegde

All I know is that he is gonna use archon, what ever that is.

Fire warriors give me the dark warriors a problem
Battlesuits with missle pods
Railhead for anti-tank.

Any help will be appreciated
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Default Re: Advice against Dark eldar

Actually... do you have any idea what your opponent might field? It would help us out...

BTW - your screen name rocks. 8)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Advice against Dark eldar

You actually don't need a Railgun since IIRC they can pretty much only field skimmers with fairly low AV so it might be better to take an Ion Cannon since after the tank busting it could also pull double duty and start pumping shots into the Archon and his retinue (some incubi's).

The key against DE is correct targeting priority since they are fast and any of their models will tear you a new one in H2H.

Also, fully mech wouldn't hurt since it could prevent the complete ravaging of a static firebase by as little as a single warrior squad.
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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

As a traitorous DE player...

- Shoot down the Raiders with Wyches and Incubie (if any) - make them walk!

- SHOOT THE WYCHES!!! You DO NOT want them in HTH with you.

- Ravagers are a pain - shoot as soon as you can.

- Kill the Raiders - it's a free 55pts each and makes him walk.

Deploy deep and plan on falling back during the game.

Most Tau weapons will take down Raiders and Ravagers. I recommend more shots than strength - now would be good time for Ion-Head. Rail Cannon & Seekers are not necessary. May want to take the Broadsides for the SMART missile system. Burst cannons would be good, but you need to kill squads dead or they'll probably get you next turn.

Almost all DE have Fleet-of-Foot - Stealth Suits won't be much help unless you can jump over brush each time. If you take them - move MAXIMUM distance each assault turn or you'll be swarmed. Fish of Fury tactic could back-fire BADLY as many will opt to Fleet to try to get around the DF faster!

You have better armour - you can survive a round in HTH EXCEPT with Whyches and Incubi (Wyches sheer number of attacks and Incubi have power weapons at Strength 4) - sacrifice one unit of FW to get other units ready to shoot the survivors.

We won't talk about the HQ's and heroes - they are all Close Combat Daemons - please avoid! Shoot instead!
Blind Gunn

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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

Actually railheads using pie plates are good. You don't ionheads. Missile pods take out any armor they have. Gun drones +new markerlight rules are awesome since you would probably pin them for a long time. Stealth suits are the bane of DE (they can't really hurt them).
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

my battles against them reveal raiders with heavy weapons first then normal one and finally pie plate them to whatever there version oh 'ell is or you just set up a shooting line and make them look like swiss cheese after the raiders arew destroyed
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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

Avoid Hth as usual, shoot down his Raiders (top priority) and remember that 99% of his army has crappier saves than you. Also the next WD will feature the Tau versus the Dark Kin - not much help though..
If the Archon is tooled up right he can move 6", then Fleet d6 and charge 12" so he has a very long threat range.

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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

Tanks are kind of a bullet magnet, but they're worth it. Take 2 burst cannon though, they're actually a lot better against dark eldar. Use the Railgun for its submunitions. Keep them away from the frikkin' ravagers, because the ravagers will kill your tanks, almost guaranteed, if they get all 3 of their shots in.

Aside from that, I would reccomend solid-firebasing against Dark Eldar. You will not, repeat will NOT out-maneuver them, so trying is a waste of your time. Stay well away from his webway portals. Kill his wyches before anything else, because they'll mow you down.

Take Crisis suits with Missile pods. Those things raise hell against Raiders. Plasma is very useful against multi-wound units, but if you have a railhead you can drop a pie plate on top of his Archon's squad and, if you hit, you'll be insta-killing everything underneath on a 2+, no saves.

Dark Eldar warriors are TRASH against FWs. Don't worry about them unless they try to tie you up in CQB to hold you up for the wyches. He can take a lot of them, but you can kill a lot, too. A squad of rapid-firing FWs is likely to kill 11 or 12 in one round.

Once again, KILL WYCHES. AS FAST AS YOU CAN. They will wipe you out if they get you in CQB, and they'll do it on the first turn and advance into your next squad. FoF is great but I don't expect you to have a lot of DFs in a 900 pointer.

Don't go with shots over strength for killing tanks. That's a complete waste of your firepower unless you have no other option. (If it gets down to it, KILL THE TANKS, but your FWs are better suited ripping up his infantry on the ground.)

Bear in mind that in a 900 point army he is likely to have two or three raiders at the least. Each one has either a dark lance or a disintegrator and will do a number on whatever it shoots at. Those things are XV-8 killing MACHINES. He will also have 2 RAvagers, almost guaranteed. DE are a very high-model army--for 6 troop choices in raiders (60 Warriors) it's about 750-800 points; maybe 100-200 more to deck them out fancy. A little more than that if he swaps his Warriors out for Wyches. (He probably won't do that, as it's an absolutely absurd way to spend all of your points, but I'm jes' sayin.)

So yeah. Be prepared to dish out a high volume of fire, but don't forget a few tank-killers.

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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

As a Wych Cult commander, I shall offer the additions to the above:

1) Fear Scourges. Splinter Cannons dropped point blank can and will make a very bloody mess of your line.

2) Reaver Jetbikes are unholy weapons of death. Kill them. Fast.

3) If Wyches get into your line, pack up your models and surrender. It will save time.

4) Watch out for Talos. I usually kill them quickly, but they can act as a gun-magnet, drawing your fire from much more important targets.

5) Think carefully about what you fire at, and in what order. Mistakes will cost you dearly.

6) Expect a Shadowfield. It's practically a mandatory wargear choice, and it means that his HQ will be pretty much invincible, until he fails a saving throw.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Advice against Dark Eldar

Originally Posted by Wargamer
6) Expect a Shadowfield. It's practically a mandatory wargear choice, and it means that his HQ will be pretty much invincible, until he fails a saving throw.
I play a DE player fairly often, and must say that I don't fear HIS shadowfield. He almost always rolls a 1 for his first wound, and if not, then typlically in the first round of shooting at him. It's quite funny

As for the ion cannon vs railgun, well the railgun's versatility will likely come in very handy here. It will auto-penetrate or auto-glance the raider, depending on if it hits, and is very effective when using it's pieplate, especially if markerlight guided, as it can wipe out a whole squad at once (they can't typically save from the submunitions).

However, against the tanks, you only get one shot, whereas the ion cannon gets 3. I'm not sure if 3 shots at 2/3rds to hit and 2/3rds to do something vs one shot of 2/3rds to hit and automatically do something is better, but since the railguns are already in my army that's what I use.

I do know, however, that his raiders typically don't last past my first turn of shooting, which generally means that his troops take wounds, and are stuck there for another turn of my shooting
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