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8 gun drones squads
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Old 03 Feb 2006, 15:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default 8 gun drones squads

Why do i see people allso use Gun Drone Squads they are so stupid. I mean you pay 12 points per model ok. that 2 points more than i fire warrior. Its not cool. They only way i would see useing them is for taking table sides thats it. really you could use kroot for taking hits. It gets me upset to see people use them there a waste and point less unless used above.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

you underestimate them, they can pop out and shot due to jet packs, deep strike, have I4 so can tie ip I3 armys, and they can move 12 a turn with jet packs. They are well worth 12 pionts.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

If you're looking at sheer firepower, then yes, Kroot or Fire Warriors are better. However, Gun Drones can jump-shoot-jump, cause pinning, and have better Initiative than Fire Warriors. They also maintain their efficiency in shooting while moving around the table, unlike mounted Fire Warrior squads. They have other advantages to make of for their deficiencies.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

They're not a waste of points at all. As a matter of fact I think they're a great bargain, a full 8 man squad for less than a hundred points is fantastic.

They can Jump-shoot-jump meaning they're fast manuverable and difficult to catch making them a real pain for your opponent. They're more accurate than fire warriors thanks to their twin-linking and if you deepstrike them behind an enemy vehichle they have a decent chance of doing some serious damage to it becuase their guns are stength 5.

I would never NOT use gun drones, they are in my opinion one of those "no brainer" unit choices.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

Also you should consider, they can be used as either a decoy, bait, or sacrificial lamb. Effective and cheap. The ability to tie up an enemy unit in assault during thier turn is rich, assault your turn, survive through to thier assault, die, and have a unit ripe for FoF.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

They can save lifes but they die rather easily. So I don't use them but still I keep them for future games.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

In all honesty, never underestimate the power of a Gun Drone squadron. Sure, they are pretty expensive, but they come with a Tau Jump-pack, and a Twin-Linked Pulse Carbine. A Twin-Linked BS 2 is better than a standard old BS 3 any day. ^-^

I've used my Drones to do quite alot of things. Just the other day I popped a Razorback with my Drones by popping the rear armour; needless to say next turn they were reduced to scrap metal, but it slowed up the Command squad that was in there.
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Old 03 Feb 2006, 16:40   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

I really like gun drone squadrons. They are cheap enough to be expendable, but fast enough to keep up with my Crisis suits and Devilfish. I usually use one to screen my Shas'o, a role at which they excel. They also have decent armour and toughness for their points.
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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

I generally find that folks who don't appreciate what Drones have to offer tend to have no real experience fielding them.

I love my Drone squad, and am sorely tempted at taking another, just because of their versatility on the battlefield. And while I'll wait til after the new codex to come out before making any further purchases/decisions on my tau army, I'm fairly certain the drone squadron will be making the transition to the new army list.

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Default Re: 8 gun drones squads

They are a good screen so that your other troops don't bite the dust.

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