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Markerlights in Small Games?
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Default Markerlights in Small Games?

With lots of markerlights coming on units in the new codex, how can we put them efficiently in 500-1500 points without disrupting the army itself like how Pathfinders do it now. What things will be the best, cheapest markerlights?

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Default Re: Markerlights in Small Games?

T0nka has an article about that


It has a very good "points spent per markerlight hit stats" in there

i think that a markerlight in a game between 500 and 1000 points is only "Wise" or viable if (in my opinion) you have 2 firewarrior squads and buying Markerlight/target lock for the leader of each, Scince they can still shoot at something (11/22 pulseshots aint that bad) while marking some targets elsewhere, remember you need 2 markerlight carriers so one hits for sure.
Pathfinders work like wonders for marking, but they cost arround 200 pts with devilfish, i think you can save those points and go for the firewarrior squad and a markerlight (if mounted, then better).

Scince you only need 1 markerlight hit to fire all seekers or hitting with other weapons (Ioncannons) i think that having only two or three lights per force would be better, scince the squad can dish out more pain (if you choosed firewarriors)
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Default Re: Markerlights in Small Games?

I play with about 1 pathfinder squad in 1000-1500 point range but with the new codex that will change a lot.

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Default Re: Markerlights in Small Games?

Well, if you have a Static or Hybrid list, you could field Marker Drones as a fairly effective Markerlight source. I think they're about 60 points a Markerlight hit per turn.
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