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What's the best way to equip Broadsides?
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Default What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

For my next buy I was thinking about get a broadside but what do you give him to be evective?

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Default Re: What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

May unit of 3 broadsides has hardly changed since I first brought them to the table. They've brought me luck and have only fallen twice in all the games I've played.

I will admit the unit is quite expensive point wise, but.....I like 'em

"High Stone Breakers" [Broadside Team] x3

Breaker Leader Breaker One Breaker Two

Team Leader TL Railgun TL Railgun
TL Railgun Smart Missile Smart Missile
Smart Missile Shield Drones x2 Shield Drones x2
Shield Drones x2
HW Target Lock

Total: 312 points

Not cheap, but they do their job well. Park 'em at the back where they have a relatively good field of fire. I unsually have a stationary FW squad of some sort to provide them a little backup and give the enemy something else to shoot at.

Having the shield drones allows them excellent survivability while dispatching vehicles (those lascannons and the like of heavy long range fire power will be forced to waste themselves on the potentially invulnerable drones while your broadside keep pumping out the hurt)

The reasoning I have the HW Target lock on the leader is to maximize the output of the broadsides. The leader will usually hit a target that has been painted by a ML almost assuring a hit, while the other two team members seek a seperate target which usually at least one of them will hit.

This configuration is very expensive and vulnerable to dakka should your opponent manage to bring some rapid fire to bare, but range should save them for awhile allowing the broadsides to get their work done.

Given the new rules coming out for shield drones "close support" this unit will again become extremely resiliant to ranged fire.

Thats my take.

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Default Re: What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

not many options, but I can run down what I think are the most common answers you'll get:

Weapon: SMS. the ability to shoot things unseen is the reason... mostly, cost being the other, considering the alternative (sheesh TwL plasma cost!! ouch!!)

3rd HardPoint:
-Drone Controller/2 Shield Drones: this had the problem of making the BS run away by failing morale if it lost its drones, but under the new codex, these may be totaly awesome: apparently, the shield drones will share the BSs Armor save.. which is about as good as it gets, AND have its invunerable save for those nasty AP weapons.

-Multitracker. Peppering a unit with TwL railguns and SMS shots is just plain worth the 5 points!

-Shield Generator. For those nasty AP weapons out there, super expensive though, and not all that effective

-Target Lock: for multiple BS teams. while I'm a bit unclear, maybe you can railgun that predator with one BS, see what happens, then decide if you want to shoot the next BS at it as well, or railgun something else (but maybe rules-wise you have to assign all shots before rolling the dice, I'm still unclear on this)

-A.S.S: Auto Stabilization System. without giving away rules, it makes your Broadsides walk the walk and shoot the... talk.

-Targeting array: +1 to some stat.. erm... I forget. :

but as for the BEST way?? I dunno, solo BS in small games I usually give him a Shield, but currently I'm building a 3 suit TwL Plasma targeting array team (ebay for plasma rifle bits!!!!!!) just for the fear factor of lining them up on a hill... > But if you cant decide, I guess you cant go wrong with multitrackers.
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Default Re: What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

If your only going to use one ( or one man teams ) then I would use SMS , and shield gen. That will allow you to set up anywhere on your side of the table and get the best field of fire you can.

If you want a squad of them I would wait for the new dex so you can see how useful Advanced Stablizer System and the new drone rules will be.
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Default Re: What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

Shield drones assume the toughness and save of the host unit? Jeez, that seems a bit good, doesn't it? Don't you think it is rather that they "assume" toughness and save for purposes of assigning wounds? That would seem a bit more balanced imo.
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Default Re: What's the best way to equip Broadsides?

In my opinion multi trackres and plasma rifles. They can put punishment on any unit in the game. If you have extra pionts upgrade squad leader and give him two gundrones for absorbing heavy fire.
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