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Killing Nids
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Default Killing Nids

Asked this at Relic, and I might as well ask here. How can a Tau army (current, not with the new codex yet) stop Tyrranids under 1000 points?

Someone at Relic suggested a number of things, including three hammerheads. I cannot afford that many, let alone own them.

What strategies to Tau players here use against the nids? In the two games I've played, the flamer was the best weapon to use against them. Assaulting Kroot died, even when max squaded.
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Default Re: Killing Nids

Hi Norsehound,
i've only ever played nids once, but won, mainly through luck. if there is a well constructed nid army, then its gonna soak up a hell of a punishment. my only possible advice is take ot least 1 team of crisis with MP, PR, and MT to take down the tough things (hive tyrants and such) 1 command team, and fill your elites out with stealths to take the little critters. other than that, make the kroot shoot!!! they may die in CC, but they're damn good at shooting (lousy AP though). take gun/shield drones as required, and make sure your ONLY firewarrior team is well protected to snipe at range.

Hope this helps, Kor'O Viorla Mesme
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Default Re: Killing Nids

I've played Nids twice. The first time I used a mixed approach of static firing line with Pathfinders and a Railhead. I was simply overrun and obliterated.

Second time I used Mech Tau with two FW teams inside DF and a Railhead. HQ and guard with FB and PR were used to deep strike to eliminate is hive nodes (he had two). Stealth Suits for mass killing. I deployed central right, he deployed evenly across his set-up zone. I won first turn and shifted laterally left because that side had the most rough terrain tests. He charged. I deep striked the stealth suits in front of left side swarm and charged to plug the terrain holes with DFs creating a shield wall facing right. Deployed Drones even further right. FW jump out and we hit his 36 gaunts with ((24+3+2)x2)+18 pulse shots and very seriously damaged the left flank. HH hit the left side hive node with solid shot and SMS, wounding but not killing it (beardy upgrades).

He responded by shifting right side attack to left but hit the drones & DF as his closest assaults, HH drew alot of fire and got stunned.

Turn three my Crisis suits deep struck and took out the left node. Left side gaunts were now out of synapse range and the FW fired again splitting fire to force moral checks and the gaunts retreated towards the right hive node.

Gaunts recovered and charged again largely blocked by DF, one FW team got hit by assault and badly mauled. Fire at DF immobilized one and stunned the other. Crisis suits got eaten.

More close range fire and the gaunts were pretty much dead. FW in close combat were eaten alive. Consolidation move failed to get into contact with other FWs and they rapid fired with stealths to drop the gaunts.

Rest of game was playing chase with the FW in DF and the HH.
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Default Re: Killing Nids

3 hammerheads solves anything. ;D

it works a charm. i never leave home without all 3!
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Default Re: Killing Nids

nids where my commom foe back in london i bet the at any level

now when you say nids what army stlye are we looking at? monster ish creature army? hord assuslt/shoot?

the flamer is a last moment wepoan if you use the flamer then use your range shooter to protect the guy from being assulted.

thought a simple rule with crisis suits if you in the enemies assualt range even with the back jump and you can assult the enemy, do so.

never assult kroot sit them in a wood and wait for you emeny to com to you there shooting wepaon is better at killing nids than there CC attacks

when FWR(Fire Without Return)make sure you jump back the full lenght because tyranides all way adavance so it dosnt mattter about being in range next turn.

... and 3 hammer heads is the tau way of being cheasy
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Default Re: Killing Nids

If you want to kill nids, forget about the flashy crisis suits. 3-4 mounted squads are excellent (have you tried double FoF?). If you must include crisis configure it to Brightwind (Burst cannon, plasma and MT). Stealths come on there own too.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Killing Nids

Originally Posted by Impulse
3-4 mounted squads are excellent.
Mounted in what? Crisis suits? Apparently you thought we should forget about them.
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Default Re: Killing Nids

mounted means inside of a transport :
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