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Piranha question
Closed Thread
Old 02 Feb 2006, 05:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default Piranha question

anybody got any official,unilleagle stats on the pihranha,and how much will it cost(aus)
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Default "Piranha"

See Rumours board, and do a forum search.

If you've looked, you would've found this thread which gives a rough estimate of the price.

There are other threads detailing the armour (see below), and the points cost can be found in this post.

'unilleagle' isn't a word by the way. The correct term is 'legal'. And 'pihrhana' is spelt 'piranha'.

You've already been warned/informally notified about other aspects of the forum rules, you should also pay attention to the various stickies that emphasize the use of the 'Search' Feature. As stated, use the search feature before posting up new threads. All your questions would've already been answered by then (the rumours board to be specific).

Search: "Piranha $"
Search: "Piranha Armour" - more specifically, this post in one of the thread results.
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Default Re: Piranha question

Agreed. Locked
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