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SM auxillaries?
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Default SM auxillaries?

I've recently got into SM and is it allowed if I can use 'em as auxillaries? I've already drowned them in fluff(I'll post it later). In the fluff I make them a breakaway faction that the emporer doesnt know about, and they despise him. I'm also gonna pimp 'em out with tau decals.
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

You may only use Gue'vesa auxiliaries listed on the GW website... Marines are most definately not listed therein!
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

the only space marine "mercenaries" would be space marine renegades, and they'd rather fight for themselves, for loot and kit, and would rather work for the traitor legions than upstart xeno scum.

short answer is "no".
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

auxillaries? human auxillaries like on the gw website
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

no no no- a thousand times no, space marines with tau is maybe as big as a no as Necron's working with anyone. The only recorded incident of Space marines working with tau is Tau mercenaries being bought by the Traitor legions
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

Hm....SM auxiliaries. But the Idea won't work as they are trained and psycho-conditioned by the Imperium. I would like to think that instead of working with the tau, they will chop the tau alive.
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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

it is a nice idea, and a very good source of inspiration for conversion!

The only thing I suggest you do, is to make a significant divergence space marines chapter, and go crazy assembling SM with tau bitz. The other way is to make a legion of the damned army, use the tau models as "count as" traitors, and take some tau converted chaos space marines for your allies as well as some mercenary kroots. That should fit with your idea of a breakaway faction.

Chaos space marines don't have to be full on chaos. At the beginning of becoming chaos, CSM are more like pirates, so it could hold together...

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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

Originally Posted by calmsword
no no no- a thousand times no, space marines with tau is maybe as big as a no as Necron's working with anyone. The only recorded incident of Space marines working with tau is Tau mercenaries being bought by the Traitor legions
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The Ultramarines and Imperial Guard worked with the Tau albeit grudgingly on Dolumar IV for the events of Firewarrior. Take that as you will.

SM as auxilaries however... no. Ive explored many ways with the fluff and the answer is simply no. The Tau society is far too different from the Space Marines for them to ever turn from their psycho conditioning. Chaos can draw them with trickery and sorcery but Tau have none of those tools.

Which reminds me, guillaume where did you get that pic your using as an avatar?

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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

Space Marines and Tau working together?

Further proof that Black Library books are not official fluff in any way shape or form.

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Default Re: SM auxillaries?

you can only use Gaurd for the Human's with the Tau

Remember allways have them with Tau Rifles
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