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New vehicles for codex
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Old 30 Jan 2006, 19:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default New vehicles for codex

I know that tetras, pirhanias, and skyrays will be legal for tau lists but what do they do.

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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

As far as I know Tetras will not be in the new codex. Tetras are a fast attack choice piloted by pathfinders. Basicly they are a very fast markerlight unit.

Piranhas are armed exactly the same as a devilfish but can upgrade their burst cannon with a fusion blaster. They are also fast vehicles. Thus they can be either rapid flanking anti horde or anti armor units.

The Skyray is a missil boat basicly. Armed with 6 seeker missils and a networked markerlight. Giving it smart missil systems as its secondary weapon you can have it sit behind cover and never show a target while other units mark for its missils and it firers its smart missils at anything that gets too close. It is a new heavy support choice.

That is all I have heard about those vehicles personally.

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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

im not sure about tetras at all but i can say they'd be good for table quarters and objectives

Pihranas: Fusion Blaster and drones sounds good enough to kill stuff

skyray:Vash got it right
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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

you know about how many points the skyray will cost???
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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

prolly a lot it looks awesome
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Old 30 Jan 2006, 23:00   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

i believe that the skyray will be somewhere around...........190 pts+ upgrades
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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

I'm asumming that you are counting up the seekers?

I think that it will be around 120 or so.

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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

if its normal DF 80 +6 seekers 60=140 +markerlight TL special tingy bout 20 160 thats my new guesstimation
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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

Are Piranhas open-topped? It looks like they are. And do they have better armor and/or cost less than a Land Speeder? If not, I don't think a Fusion Blaster Piranha is worth it when marines get a Multi-Melta Land Speeder with better range.

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Default Re: New vehicles for codex

They have better armor. Almost, if not, rhino armor. I think they are open topped though.

Don't forget that it comes with an annoying little two-drone squadron, and they can take seekers... which can still fire after it moves 24 inches...
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