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Carbine squads?
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Default Carbine squads?

So My Tau army is about 2700 miles away, and will remain that far away till after the new Tau stuff is released... Being human, I cant reisist anymore and just started rebuilding another army. I just bought a Battleforce to get me restarted (luv ebay, $65!!), and am now stuck in the building stage:

I've heard rumors of all Carbine Firewarrior squads, and was wondering if it would even be worth the effort to make the gun arms pinned, so I can swap out Rifles for Carbines with the entire 12 man squad.

Any comments?
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

that has to be really good against most armies (eldar,necrons maybe,and orks etc) but if it costs more points than an all rifle squad then there is going to be some disagreement i would pin the arms just in case its true if not then you just glue the rifles in
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

OOH I wish I had thought of doing that... I'll use rare earth magnets probably, they're pretty cheap. Well... that's IF i feel like buying more FWs.
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

Yep, rumor has it that Fire Warrior units will be able to go carbine-only with Tau Empire. While I predict most will still run pure rifle teams, I also think we'll see a great many more "irregular" squads of minimum men with carbines and EMP grenades.
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

Even the "most pinnable" army, IG, has rerollable Ld 10. The fact is, Tau themselves are the most pinnable. I will still turn to gun drones for my pinning needs.
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

Well, we have markerlights to help with that, don't we?
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

do remember though, that at present codex rules only half of a firewarrior squad can be equipped with carbines. but if your playing with friends or just expecting that to be available after the new codex, then feel free to do so!
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Default Re: Carbine squads?

You can have FW squads with all carbines at no additional cost in the new Dex.

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