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Stealth or Pathfinders?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Stealth or Pathfinders?

Im either going to get some pathfinders or a stealth team. Since i will be playing marines most of the time, which will help me the most, or are neither worth it?
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders

I loooooove stealths. They are really good. 3 shots, not bad S or AP, and the enemy has to roll 3D6 vision! They have saved my asses many times. Also, if I am breaking any privacy policies with the above, change it or tell me please.

~1shot, who likes stealths
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders

pathfinders are better at gfuiding heavy weapons but stealth teams are just better i wouild take a stealth team and just give the 'vre a Markerlight and target lock so he wont waste more shots and voila insto better team and with the new 'dex coming out youll be able to give them BS4
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders

2d6(x3) vision. I'm sick of people getting a bad roll on 3 dice, and then I tell them "It's two dice, fool!" and then they roll a 12. =(

I guess you have neither a stealth team nor pathfinders. Do you have a devilfish that the pathfinders could use? Are you aware that a new version of stealthsuit in plastic is coming out in a few months? Both of these could factor into your choice.

Pathfinders and stealths are both getting some new rules in the codex. The stealths will be a bit different, but the pathfinders will be VERY different, and probably much better. Both markerlights and rail rifles are going to become better, and more useful against marines.

I'd take pathfinders if and only if you have a devilfish AND some things for them to support, like... basically anything except fire warriors. Although fire warriors with carbines will benefit quite a lot from the new markerlights!
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders

I always that one unit of stealths and then take pathfinders if I have the points to.
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders?

To be perfectly honest, I would take your money and sit on it. Both choices are recieving some fairly signifigant changes in Tau Empire. Not too long to wait anyway.
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders?

I personally think that stealths are better since they can get behind the enemy lines with infiltrate, but that's just me
Shas'O mazza

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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders?

What about other armies (nids, catchans & necrons), i think stealths can do nothing against the 3+ save and t3 of normal troops, would a pair of pathfinder teams be more effective or 1&1 (stealths for markerlights and pathfinders with railrifles) note that that would be for medium battles 1k thru 1.5k points

I think stealths would be better against:
Catchans (jsj) cuse the fastest thing on the army is a pair of sentinels
Nids, Stealths right?
Necrons, who knows, couple of warriors, i dont know what the other guy is going to get

Note, no devilfishes avidable at this time, but i dont care about points XD dont have enough models and it would be interesting to see a pimped out army ( Stealth leaders with markerlights etc)
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders?

Why take one and not the other, they fill diffrent battlefield roles. Use both I say...
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Default Re: Stealth or Pathfinders?

you have to factor in what you get for the same points.

For a little over 200 points you can either get a unit of 6 stealth suits, with drones and rpgrades, or you can get 7 pathfinders with 3 rail rifles and a devilfish gunship.

personally im thinking about maybe taking both in my army, but my points are very scarce, i would go for path finder personally.
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