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Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss
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Old 29 Jan 2006, 09:52   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

ok to begin with, SOD.

my friend collects eldar about 1500 points.
Up until recently it was a piddly excuse for a force, and then thanks to ebay, in come warp spiders, dark reapers, guardians weapons platform or something, and what was once a easy breeze to turn to mush became a cause of insomnia among my ranks. :-[

thus far this is what he has,
12 guardians
6 banshees + exarch (usually with the farseer)
five warp spiders
four dark reapers
falcon (bright lance and multi laser or something)
guardian weapons platform with starcannon
viper with bright lance
wraithlord with starcannon

at this point in time i havnt actually vs. it, but i watched it turn a space marine army to Kaput in about 10 minutes flat. :-\
ofcourse tau are different but i want some ideas or tactics as to what you would do, i dont want to lose face. I want to go in fully prepared and well studied to further the greater good. ;D


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Default Re: Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

wow ebay strikes back eh? Just play him and see how it pans out, then come back and we can tell you how to blow him to bits, for the greater good ofcourse.
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Default Re: Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

With so few models on the table, Tau may have less of a problem against that army than the marines did. Most of those units are fairly short-ranged and not particularly durable.
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Default Re: Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

Give us a run down of what you have, and we can give you a more personalised strategy.
First thing I'd point out is that he really has very little AT capability, just the vyper and the falcon. Though the falcon is very dangerous (its a D3 shot missile launcher pulse laser rather than the anti infantry scatter laser) its just one model and can be easily suppressed if you can force it out from behind cover. Remeber that with JSJ style 'pop up attacks' its the distance from the starting point moved that counts. Moving 6" out and then 6" back does not count as 12" as movement - it counts as 0 so the falcon will not be going fast.
I'm not sure which hammerhead I'd recomend - the railgun submunition will wreck havoc on those aspect warriors which are the type of unit it actually excells at (other than AV14 tanks) though the ion cannon is a better bet against the vehicles and is still pretty handy against wraithlords.

Missile pods are you friends here - AP4 for the aspects and multiple S7 shots against the vehicles, just keep your suits away from starcannons - the reapers you can probably deal with in one turn given their small number and a bit of concentrated fire.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

railhead if you dont already have it then ion head that should keep him busy enough then you take fire warriors (bout 2 squads of 12) unmounted to keep firing away at your enemies prefferably the guardians and the farseer squad and use some suits to anil the warp spiders and other things
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Default Re: Graceful Eldritch causing severe grief and sleep loss

Keep crisis to a minum (lots of anti-suit guns) and get as many firewarriors as posible. Give your crisis TL misslepods and give your HH an ion cannon. Better is 2 HH (1 railhead and 1 ionhead).
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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