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Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)
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Default Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Greetings fellow warhammer nerds ;D

After trying to read and understand french, I decided to do something about it. I spent all last night translating and fixing grammar and words for the new sample tau empire army list on the french GW. I found out a great many tings and now I am passing this new information to everyone else. After painstaking french translating, I think I have come up with an exact copy in English.

The original sample list can be found on the French GW site. Here is link. http://fr.games-workshop.com/40k/40k...BoiteArmee.asp

There is a topic on the french list here on tauonline. It is in the Rumors board but since many of you are lazy, I have a link for you. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=17380.0

Below in the attachment section of this post, is the English version of the Tau Empire Army List complete with stats and some rules for new units such as vespids and sniper drones. I made it in Microsoft word but the post would not let me upload .doc files. So I decided to make it into pictures and .gif files. Hopefully you all have windows preview or some other picture viewing program. I think it is quite small but I am able to zoom in and see the words fine without blurring or any problem. The first one is the stat lines of all the units of the army list and the second file is an overview and some rules. If there are any problems just post here and I will see what I can do to try to upload it with a different extension.

There seems to be some interesting stuff in the new codex. Stealth's now have BS 4 due to a support system and Hammerheads now have 12 Rear armor. After some calculating, I have found that either HH are now 5 points more OR they don't get a targetting array for free.

If you find that you don't understand some of the rules then don't blame me! My job is to interpret and not to understand

Have fun proxying models!

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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

You should get karma. It was really good of you to do this.

Um...... is it legal though?

Either there are alot of new upgrades or the French have different names for them.

The Sniper Drones sound really awesome. There are lots of different tactics available than the "shoot everything lots of times and hope they are unlucky" plan. Nice.

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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Originally Posted by Faolin
You should get karma. It was really good of you to do this.

Um...... is it legal though?
It was put up on the French web site, so it is a full GW release, and it was a translation rather than a direct pull off of the website. We would have to pull it if the GW legal ninjas ask us to, but I doubt it is a problem in this case.

[+1 Karma, by the way.]
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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

He he he maw ha ha ha!!!

This is really cool gego_cybor1. can a mode give him a cookie. Now I really can't wait until the new dex comes out.

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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Av 12 on a HH rear armor... nice. Someone on these forums got their HH toasted by the last marine standing of a deep struck assault squad. Hit with bolter, six for a glancing hit, then six for a vehicle destroyed...

Nice stuf.
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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Excelent effort that deffinetly deserves a karma cookie.

The wording is a bit strange though, translations are tricky. Looks interesting though. Wets our appatites even more.

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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

gees curse those frenchies with theyre funny mousctaches

[size=8pt]I don't see the funny side of that.. watch it. -mace[/size]
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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Wow, so stealths are getting BS 4? Is this just for the new clunky ones?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

i think you need to buy the equipment or something but yeah theyll get BS 4 and that has to count for the old models too if they are going to be used
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Default Re: Tau Empire Sample Army List (English)

Though it is super exciting to see all the new things the Tau will have in print, I will say that that army list is the worst list I've ever seen for 1100 points.

Ethereal with Drones (thus losting IC)?
Photon Grenades?
No decoy launcher on HH?

Wow. Worst. List. Ever.

That said...Sniper Drones -Nifty! Points cost of Vespids seem really high...might not want them them...though S5AP3 weapons are tempting.

Glad you got a karma! This is a great thing for those few people left who haven't seen the preview copies.
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