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Kroot strategy
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Default Kroot strategy

My origanal (horrible) plan was to have the kroots up in front to defend incase of close combat. But then i realized how terrible their armor save is, since they ll be the first shot at.. What is a good stratagy with the kroot?
Thanx for the help, having a match tommorow.

By th by can anyone give me a link with pictures of new KROOT units coming out. I couldn't find em on the GW website.
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Default Re: Kroot stratagy

For one the Kroot is used for taking hits. I found that out one day i was a very sorrow pain for the Kroot Their own Power is to take firer. I hope you take this advice when running Kroot You want to get them in the middle of the Table and take hits and die i guss they will fire back a bit. I think you should allways use Kroot to take hits away from your Fire warriros Ect. I know its crazy but running kroot is really good
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Default Re: Kroot stratagy

alright dude,

using Kroot is a vital element (in my humble opinion) of using the very delicate instrument that is the tau.

Merely sticking them up front and expecting them to take the pain for the team is not how the tau work

i am a fervent kroot enthusiast. i usually bring at least fourty of the swine in any vaguely competitive game.

The key to using the kroot is to make them more threatening than the thing which you intend to protect. So, my usual plan is to infiltrate them in to cover so as to provide two very threatening (20 bolter shots is a threat in anyone's book) units which are difficult to shoot up and equally difficult to deal with in CC.

One cannot simply put them in the open.

Compare the kroot with any evolution of the tyranid gaunt and you will find them infintely superior (likewise with the gaurdsmen, but i'm open to corrections on that front). Take advantage of that fact and use it in your overall plan.

Now i'm sure (there are simply hundreds of threads on this forum concerning kroot, i do strongly suggest a quick use of the search function) that many people have different views on this tactical point, but it is important that the kroot fit in to your over-arching plan. Some people refuse to use them, but i am strongly of the opinion that they are essential to any effort for the greater good.

So, rule number one, never ever ever under any circumstances leave your kroot out of cover when they could be shot at.

Rule number two, always ensure that your kroot are a threat that your enemy MUST deal with.

Rule number three, make your foe pay through the nose for dealing with your kroot by focussing your firepower on whatever is left after the inevitable assault on the kroot.

Most importantly, rule number four, nothing in the tau list is expendable. Tau do not have meat shields. If something must die, then let it die. Just ensure that it is for the greater good by taking great vengance upon thier slayers.

And if your enemy is willing to shoot 20-40 T3 kroot with 4+ saves at the expense of shooting up your fish, crisis, stealth or devilfish, your half way to winning.

Btw tau suck at CC, kroot less so, but that is only when they are in cover and can make thier opponents pay for the charge. Kroot just don't have the longevity to go up against anything with power armour, nor the numbers to deal with the hordes (hormagaunt hordes come to mid here with thier 18-24" charge). Let your foes come to you. Make them pay for that mistake.

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Default Re: Kroot stratagy

Sage advice indeed.

Although I do not play Tau, I have discussed Tactica: Kroot with a very hopeful and zealous player who aspires to purchase them. I often identify my enemy's best tactic in order to beat them.

A great tactic is to locate the center flow point of an advancing enemy. Note, this will only work if they have units moving towards your line that are not mounted in a transport. If they are mounted, a quick railgun shot should solve that. Identify the main path, [usaully between two peices of major terrain], and position your kroot behind a piece of terrain as close to it as you can. Have them completely out of site. When the enemy advances up the boulevard, charge the kroot out and rip them to shreds. Move them back into the cover. This will make sure that they are protecting your assault-vulnerable lines with potentially 3 attacks [charging, CCWs, etc.] Multiply 3 S[copyright] attacks by 20, and your looking at 60 attacks on say, a SM squad. Rolling that many dice, even a termie will go down.

Viola. While he is rushing units forward to combat your kroot, you are using heavy units to whittle down his support element and his assault element. When he does reach your line, he will be sorely weakened.
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Default Re: Kroot strategy

As usual, check the stickied topics first (and do a forum search) ..

I wrote something on this recently..

Kroot - Truths and Tactica

There are a few older topics from the Tactics Index..

Kroot are GREAT!
KROOT SUCK!!! (j/k they don't :P)



By the way, no new kroot units coming out. If you've been following our rumour summaries here (check sticky in rumours board) - the only change will be in their rules.
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Default Re: Kroot strategy

Apologies in advance for not reading the above posts (in a hurry) i will read them later on.
Here's just how i use them, and in 26 games they've never failed me.

I take two squads of 20. One infiltrates into a jungle and shoots enemy fast units that may plan to assault.

The other i infiltrate on the opposite flank to the shooty ones, in a jungle, and shock-assault advancing enemies, tying them up for (usually) 2 turns. Perfect.

That works well, you should try it.
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Default Re: Kroot strategy

without beating a dead horse (seriously, and search for the word Kroot would give you 2 full months of reading), I can add a few recent realizations Ive had, that may have been unsaid:

1: In a Take and Hold mission for a Tau army, honestly whos best suited to do the taking and holding, while supported by heavy long range firepower from some place far off?

2: On planet bowlingball, where there is absolutely no terrain, Kroot should be behind the Firewarriors. This may sound odd, but look at it this way: The Firewarriors with their photon grenades take the charge as best they can, their superior armor save makes some survive, so the Kroot can charge in and get the charge bonus!! munch munch!

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Default Re: Kroot strategy

geees i hate kroot,they could be eating sewerage and not know until...... well yea,incomes eveloution. honestly,id scrap kroot , theyre meaning of existence is to keep changing until one day,they change in to poopie
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Default Re: Kroot strategy

Originally Posted by chrissi3
geees i hate kroot,they could be eating sewerage and not know until...... well yea,incomes eveloution. honestly,id scrap kroot , theyre meaning of existence is to keep changing until one day,they change in to poopie
No need to spam if you're not going to contribute anything to this thread. Sure a lot of people hate kroot, (judging by past threads) but the majority of them don't really use kroot properly. See the thread on Truths and Tactica above.
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Default Re: Kroot strategy

Remember that with Tau:empire kroot hounds will have I5......sweeet

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