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New player
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New player

Im new to warhammer 40k, and i have yet to play a game. I will be playing 500-1000 point games for awhile, and im wondering whether it will be better for me to concentrate more on firewarriors or battlesuits. Also, should i use the heavier stuff or will the battlesuits be enough to handle tanks and such. I have a limited budget and probrobly wont be able to play larger games anytime soon, so i need to know what units are best for this level. Thanks.
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Default Re: New player

go with two squads of firewarriors, then some battlesuits.
Originally Posted by Falstead
Falstead: I don't think you can ever justify a T5 goat in a regular 40k game
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Default Re: New player

To start with, you need at least two units of firewarriors and a commander - its part of the rules that keep the armies balanced.
This isn't a bad thing at all as the Firewarriors are really pretty good, especially as they are excellent anti infantry units, and in the small games you play because everyone has to take at least two troops there will be plenty of targets.

The next option would be a commander, who is in a suit. Most people's commanders are generally very good at close combat, but your guy will be packing a variety of heavy weapons (make sure one of them is a missile pod, to deal with any light tanks you face in 500pts). You've picked an unusual time to start as in two months the new codex comes out and there is a bunch of new units availble. Don't worry though as everything we'll mention will stay the same - or in the case of the commander, he can just be counted as a normal battlesuit seeing as the model is the same at the moment.

I would first find out if you and your friends are playing the 400-500 point '40K in 40 minutes/combat patrol' rules as this adds extra restrictions - none of the heavier main battle tanks, no 2+ saves and no models with 3 or more wounds.
This actually has quite an effect on the Tau - as it means no Hammerheads, Broadsides, Ethereals, Krootoxs and Kroot shapers.

Not to worry as those guys tend to be specialists at things that no longer an issue (the railguns are designed to kill tanks that can't be taken) or really a luxury for larger games like the Ethereal. If you're just starting up its unlikely you'll have enough terrain to make Kroot worth it either. Pathfinders ony really come into their own when there is enough of the big guns for them to markerlight for, and the required devilfish for them makes them too expensive for small games.

So this leaves us with
Fire warriors, Steathsuits, Crisis Battlesuits and Drone squadrons.

Next question is how much do you like the current stealthsuits (XV15 - look like a heavily armoured firewarrior) compared to the new forthcoming ones (XV25 - bigger bulkier mini-battlesuit). If you prefer the older ones, which arn't being replaced and are just a cheaper option pointswise (the newer ones have more equipment options but that is it) then some of these would be a good choice - they have a very good gun, are well armoured and very fast. Considered one of the best units we have by a lot of players.
However they do fufilly a role that the Firewarriors play, i.e anti-infantry and if you are up against marines and vehicles you need something more.

You will really need at least one Crisis battlesuits armed with high strength and likely some low AP weapons, as mentioned before missile pods are more than enough to deal with the one or two heavy transports you might run into (Imperial Guard Chimeras and other Tau Devilfish) - don't make the embarrassing mistake of coming to the game with nothing more than S5 weapons and finding you can't hurt the tanks. Depending on what armies you are up against you might want two - the most popular configuration is called 'Fireknife' (though not in the codex) and has a missile pod, plasma rifle and multitracker. However this is really popular mainly because most people playing in clubs fight a lot of marines and things like them (chaos marines and necrons), don't feel like you have to take this configuration, just don't stick the guns on and swap them around a bit (they do slot in) until you find something you like.
If you really can't decide, if you check out the hobby section here there are some clever things you can do with magnets...but thats not really for the beginner.

Firewarriors as mentioned before are fairly decent, and you will want a couple of units regardless of which style you want to play (the most common ones being Mech - where all units are mounted in Devilfish or can go 12" a turn, Static - very few transports and broadsides rather than Hammerheads or Hybrid which is somewhere in the middle). However in small games at 4-500 you could get away with 2 units of 6 rather than 2 units of 12, but you might find you like the larger amount of firepower the latter brings rather than the more specialised suits.
Devilfish are certainly good, but not probably the best idea for very small points as they are quite expensive. Leave it til the second set of purchases.

Drones are a bit wierd, they can be very useful or they can be like substandard firewarriors, it all depends on how lucky you get and what you set them to do. If you want something quick to claim objectives and pin small units then they can be just the job - however the lack the volume of fire the stealth suits and the firewarriors have so are not as good as actually killing things as the others are are.

I'd probably go for 2 squads of fire warriors and 3 suits, with excess points being spent on a drone squadron for taking objectives. Its a pretty solid core and things you will end up wanting to get later (or ending up with anyway in the case of the drones).

I'd later expand this with some Stealthsuits and a Hammerhead, and because I like Mech I'd mount the Firewarriors in devilfish. Should bring you up to 1000 or so points.
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Default Re: New player

Originally Posted by mwolfy
Im new to warhammer 40k, and i have yet to play a game. I will be playing 500-1000 point games for awhile, and im wondering whether it will be better for me to concentrate more on firewarriors or battlesuits. Also, should i use the heavier stuff or will the battlesuits be enough to handle tanks and such. I have a limited budget and probrobly wont be able to play larger games anytime soon, so i need to know what units are best for this level. Thanks.
Welcome to the forums!

For small games on a limited budget, I would basically play the Tau army box, although probably with an added Hammerhead or Devilfish. That gives you a good range of options. The battlesuits can handle Marine-equivalents and light vehicles, and you can split up the three suits you get into two Elites and an HQ.
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Default Re: New player

Read your Codex, then click on my sig... the blue box esp.
Watch me rebuild my army! - Now with pics of my new scheme!

Open invitation to all: Send me a pm, and I'll be have a look at your army list.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: New player

play kill team for a while to get used to it
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: New player

I may be beating this topic to death, but ahh well. I started the game the old fashion way... got caught snooping in a WoTC game store and was asked to play a demo game or two. Sigh it was all over then
Anyway, The guy that was at the store was pretty cool and told me this which I have told every person I see getting into the hobby.
Without looking to much into the rules and such (which may already be too late) pick up your 2 Troops and HQ as already suggested. Then pick up a unit/model that really stands out to you to be cool and something that you think would be fun to play. Cause really in the end, if you aren't having fun.. you are going to stop playing the game weather you are winning or losing. Plus, reguardless what you pick when starting out, you are going to quickly find what works best for you anyway, and crush your opponents then. So enjoy it while the "magic" lasts.
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