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What is a mech-Tau army???
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Kroot Warrior
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Default What is a mech-Tau army???

I've already got a 2000+ point tau army (with a SUPERBLY converted Shas'o, if i say so myself!)
But i wanna try something new.....But keeping to my beloved tau!
so far ive played just standing my ground and shooting at the space wolves as they lumber towards me and ocassionally using my kroot to protect FW ect....
but that just makes me an imperial gaurd army with a lack of ordanence(spelling??)
I think i understand the idea of a Mec Tau army, but id like to make sure im right..
I've just read the Fish of Fury tactic as well and am Egar to use it!!!!!! fantastic loop hole there!!!!!
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

A mech or mechanized Tau army is in short one in which every unit can move 12" or more. Thus all Firewarriors are mounted in Devilfish transports and you do not use broadsides or gue'vesa (some mech lists still use Kroot as they can infiltrate).

A mech style of play is very effective in 4th edition as with the new rules movement is much more valuable than it used to be in capturing objectives and table quarters. With a mechanized list you can play both offencively and defencively depending on the situation and you can use the transports to protect your Firewarriors while they get into a good position or simply keep them alive in VP denial.

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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

Read this. If you like what you see, read this.
"i like to think of playing against my list as being like punching jelly. you put all your effort in but it just moves out of the way and you cause no damage. then your arm is covered in jelly. and the chicks come out and start wrestling in the jelly, and i drink a beer with stone cold steve austin, and we watch the chicks jelly wrestling, and then the slap-bass funk starts wakka chakka wakka wakka woh" -- Spooky, describing Mech Tau

"You can of course make a list that attempts to work via fragility and easy VP donation and Pathfinders fit into that just fine." -- kai
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

Firstly, welcome to Tau Online!

Secondly, I encourage you to check out the Important Topics for all your Tau needs. More specifically, you may find these links able to answer your question. Enjoy!

Mech Tau Army Construction Basics
Mech Tau Tactica
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

Mech Tau is REALLY the way to go. But if you want to stay with static, you are getting more stuff in the new 'dex. But Mech Tau is SERIOUS pwnage. But so is static...
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

Mech tau is the ultimate use of the tau's advantages.
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

nothing is more powerfl than a mechanized tau cadre
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Default Re: What is a mec- Tau army???

Not only is Mech Tau very effective when used properly, they are also, IMO, far more fluffy than static Tau, because they use heaps of Fire Warriors, and the Tau Empire is relatively short on them.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: What is a mech-Tau army???

mech Tau what a wonderful army not many models against static but you get to run like helk when you want too
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Default Re: What is a mech-Tau army???

The only problem is that it takes a turn to board a devilfish
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