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Tau Assault Capabilities....
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Old 25 Jan 2006, 23:07   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Assault Capabilities....

Why does everyone say tau suc at close combat to this very day i have won 4/5 of all my assaults (including an assault with my gun drones). I have out meleed space marines with jump packs on multiple occasions and the only thing i lookse to are monstrous creatures (Carnifex's and lictors) and termies of course thats not a problem because if they get in rapid firing range they're more dead then they were before.

if you all have problems with assault heres the answer to your problems

1. ALWAYS consolidate so the enemy can rarely kill more than one or two of your units at a time. If the enmy is caught up in melee then thats one less thing to worry about for now.

2. Buy photon grenades they improve your survival chance in normal close combat situations by around 1/3.

3 NEver run from a fight because if you do chances are they'll get you in a sweeping advance or shoot your fleeing units in the back.

any oppinons or expeiances with close combat survival is appreciated and if you have problems i'll be glad to help

btw i'm 13-2-1 with tau
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

I guess that's the common tactical error of Tau nowadays... when a FW squad appears to be an assault target, everyone else backs away, fearing consolidation followups.

I've recently re started Tau from the ground up, and have given serious look to Drones in every single unit capable of taking them, and everyone jumping into an assault when it happens... what happens is, with the enemy given the choice of who to attack when engaged with multiple units, it HAS to pick gun drones! That rule still applies!

The Codex Drone rules didn't all go away when the FAQ said "majority armor/toughness rules are in full effect for drones", and the "attacks that CAN go to drones go to them first, and wounds in CC are assigned to them first" rule is golden in CC, IF you have multiple units in CC, and a Gun Drone squad is one of them.. and each unit has 2 drones as well... This little epiphany has made me look at the Shas'Vre upgrade as well, since the Crisis suits do have the oft forgotten multiple S5 attacks, giving them a better WS and higher I is now a bigger deal, since its assured they WONT be hacked down before their turn to hit comes up.

add to all this new way of doing things the possability that multiple Tau units engaging an enemy assaulting unit may actually win a combat, and could outnumber the enemy 4:1 or more... and with the Gun Drones' I4, well, Tau may actually beat back a SM Assault squad, and then sweeping advance them! (with 4 different units trying to sweep them, and solo I2 Crisis units outnumbered by I4 Drones making I4 the majority for that unit, along with Drone squads adding to the I4 run-down.. well, its almost assured!)

so, yea! I'm with you on Tau in assault
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

Now this sounds very interesting...

However, it's a gamble to put a 1/3rd or 1/4th of your army in an assault that can contain unknown factors... What if my units break and flee? A sweeping advancing jump-marine is not good...

But still... I will need to consider this and try it in a "friendly" game...
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

1. ALWAYS consolidate so the enemy can rarely kill more than one or two of your units at a time. If the enmy is caught up in melee then thats one less thing to worry about for now.

what? i dont get what your trying to say here.

2. Buy photon grenades they improve your survival chance in normal close combat situations by around 1/3.

they simply delay the inevitable.

3 NEver run from a fight because if you do chances are they'll get you in a sweeping advance or shoot your fleeing units in the back.

you dont get the choice. you fail your morale check, then you HAVE to run. best thing here is to have a shas'ui with twin linked morale... i mean an etherial.
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

I am also a little confused. Tau are not that bad at close combat, but only because the 4th edition chart is extremely equalizing. It is just a fact of life that we will usually strike last, hit on fours, and get hit on threes. We aren't favored to win many assaults, but we usually have a chance, especially if we outnumber our opponents significantly.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it isn't playing to your strengths. You want to be firing at the enemy for as long as is humanly possible. An enemy locked in assault is relatively safe from you.

As Deadnight mentioned, running is not a choice in 40k, and consolidation is only an issue when you win. If it is a choice between backing away and rapid-firing or charging, you are probably still going to be better off taking the shots.

For the record, I have also won about half of my recent assaults, but this is only because I am very careful to avoid it when I am likely to lose, and my army is mobile enough to make escape possible.
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Old 26 Jan 2006, 13:28   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

I made the mistake of pointing out the father-in-laws Space Marine army for him. I set him up with two tactical squads in Rhinos and a Chaplain/Command Squad in his Land Raider Crusader, decked out in power armor with bolt pistols/chainswords. I lost that game so badly! His Command squad flanked my troops, then assaulted and destroyed two of my three Fire Warrior squads. I only managed to kill half of them with pulse rifle fire. His tactical squads had their Rhinos immobilized by pulse rifle fire and never did anything.

Tau Fire Warriors are weak assault units, and strong shooting units. They can assault, but I only do so against a very weak space marine squad. I'd assault, just to save a round of shooting for a stronger target. I imagine they'd do much better against weaker enemies such as the Guard, but against Marines, they are understrength, underequipped, and too slow.
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

This doesn't make much sense to me. Sure, we can survive a close combat, but the chances are slim when facing a good close combat squad. It'll be rare that we even get an attack back!

Ultimately, sure. If you outnumber them 4:1 you have a chance, but you're tying up a HUGE chunk of your army to fight one squad, on it's terms not yours. This is a huge chunk of your army that can't do what it's good at: shoot people

Firewarriors are great at shooting. They are merely survivable in close combat when compared to other units, particularly those geared to CC. A couple of drones will do little more than provide a couple of extra models for the unit to kill. In fact, since they die first, you lose the models with the highest initiative first!

That's not to say you can't win CC. I won a few CC's against dark eldar with my drones, but they are a throwaway unit to me. Deep strike, shoot, pin, be assaulted and survive as long as possible to delay units getting to my FW. That's their job.

But if an assault unit gets to my FWs, unless there are extenuating circumstances, I'd rather have them take some casualties and run, leaving the assault unit in rapid fire range to be exterminated on my next round than prolong the opponent's capacity to kill the FW (or even add to the number of models they can kill).

Remember, in order for outnumbering to count for anything you first have to be able to do more wounds to your opponent than they do to you, which is typically unlikely against a properly fitted assault squad.

(again, not impossible, but it'd take too many resources to be viable in my opinion)
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

as far as i'm concerned tau suck at mele period :'(
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

no you dont lead the assault when the nemey attacks you simply hope to survive the first round and hopefully you'll pass morale (I almost never fail) then if you survive you consolodate in a tactical manor so that the minimum # of your troops possible can be assaulted .

meanwhile you move your other squads away and keep the enmy in combat for as long as possable (the longer theyre in melee the less you have ot worry about em) then once they pop out of combat you rapid fire them to death.

or you can pile in all your troops to beat em but i dont trust putting that many troops into combat. I try and avoid it but if worse comes to worse assault dosnt mean i loose
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Default Re: Tau Assault Capabilities....

First I want to say that Tau DO NOT suck in assault, sure they normally strike last and it's harder to hit, but they can still do some damage.

I once took down 2 Termies, Fists made them hit last and their save ... well that was luck, him rolling 2 times 1. But hey at least my FW held up the Termies for a full 2 turns, giving my other units time to kill some other marines. Those Termies would have been a bigger pain if they weren't in CC because then they would have been the closed unit, and that means a Ld-test to shoot further.

Furthermore, a Shas'o with a shield is lethal against ANY marine, he always gets his save (OK it's 4+, but it's better than nothing) even against a Powerfist and he has four attacks. This is funny when the enemy assaults and thinks it'll be a piece of cake.


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