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[BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau
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Default [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

1000 points Raid: Sabotage Mission. Tau played as defenders.

Set Up: Played this past weekend against the Ultramarines in the first mission of our campaign. It was a Raid Mission, with the marines charged with sabotaging a Tau Communications array. On the map, it is the black circle in the center. The grey building with the heavy border was a ruined building that blocked LOS and provided 4+ cover save. The smaller grey block south of the tower was just ruins and only provided 5+ cover save and did not block LOS. Trees were standard forest-rules terrain (the big green ovals on the map).

In a raid mission, defender (Tau) can only place troops+HQs on the board. Since we both knew the mission before hand, I picked my list to be troop-heavy so I can at least hold long enough for my tanks to come in. The thing I feared the most was a fast assault, so I took a full kroot squad with shaper to extend their survivability on the table. The two FW squads provided long range fire power and of course, 2 HQs Crisis (Normally, I'd play 1 HQ in 1k points, but since they set up on the board with the troops, I took 2...I had no elites, so it evened out I hope).

I took the EMP grenades for fear that I'd be facing more than 1 tank or vehicle and in retrospect, I'll never take them again (see comments below).

Hopefully this map works.

Both forces are approximate as I don't have the lists with me (I'm at work):
Tau Forces (Ovals w/ Purple border):
1. Crisis Suit w/ Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, MT
2. Crisis Suit w/ Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, MT
3. 20 Kroot + Shaper and Armor Upgrade
4. 10 Firewarriors w/ Shas'ui + EMP grenades
5. 12 Firewarriors w/ Shas'ui + EMP grenades
Heavy Support (started off the board)
Hammerhead w/ RailGun and SMS, Decoys, Disruptor, TL, MT
Hammerhead w/ Ionhead and SMS, Decoys, MT

Marines Forces (Rectangles w/ Blue Border)
1. 6 Tacticals w/ Las Cannon, Plasma Rifle
2. 6 (?) Tactical w/ Flamer (Chaplain HQ imbedded in squad)
Fast Attack
3. 5 Assault w/ Jump Packs + 2 Flamers
4. 5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon and Hvy Flamer (inside raider)
Heavy Support:
LR. Land Raider

Turn 1:
Space Marines enter the board (raid mission requires attacker to move on to a board...I had sentries ready, but since the LR moved on the board, they were moot). Suprisingly, rather than move his LR the full 12 inches, it only goes 6. Assault squad leaps up to the edge of the forest, tacticals move 6 inches on to the table.

Tau roll for reserves and gets the Railhead! Rolling for table edge, it sets up on the top edge (x1 on the map). I place it in range of the Tact squad with the Las Cannon. FW squad #5 moves to behind the tower, FW squad #4 moves on the other side of cover. Kroot move off the building. I swap places with the two crisis suits (bad setup putting the MP one behind the tower). Railhead fires at marine squad, kills 1.

Turn 2:
Space Marine Assault squad marches into the forest staying just deep enough not to be able to fire. Chaplain tact moves up to forest edge. Las cannon fires at Railhead to no effect. Landraider moves 6 inches and fires at FW#4 in the ruins. 1 FW dies.

Tau rolls for reserves, no luck on the Ionhead. FW #5 regroups between Tower and south ruins. Kroot move off the ruins and are placed between ruins and tower. FW#4 holds their ground. HQ #1 moves behind south ruins. HQ#2 moves behind Kroot. Railhead moves 6.2 inches towards Tact#1 and fires at them, 5 hits, 5 wounds….all saved. Damn that marine armor!

Turn 3:
Assault Squad leaps out from forest intending to assault FW#4, but is about 3/4 inch short…just like I planned! LR moves 6 inches forward and drops terminators. Chaplain Tact moves into forest. Las cannon fires at hammerhead to no effect. Assault squad fires on FW#4, no kills. Terminators fire on FW#4, 2 kills. LR fires on FW#4, 2 kills. Shas'ui rallies the troops and the remained 5 members hold the line.

Tau roll for reserves, Ionhead moves on to the board from the east edge! I move it into the path between the two forests (x2 on the map). Kroot and FW #5 open fire on assault squad, killing 3. Ionhead finishes off the last 2 assaulters. FW#4 open fire on terminators, no effect. HQ1 and 2 combine fire on the terminators to kill 2. Railhead fires on Lascannon and kills 1 with railhead. SMS fires on Chaplain tacts, no effect.

Turn 4:
Terminators charge FW#4 in ruins, killing the 4 in range and breaking them. Consolidating puts the 3 termies nearly in range of HQ1 (that was behind the ruins). Chaplain tact moves up, nothing in range. Las cannon fires at Railhead, no effect (3 1s in a row for penetration!). LR fires on Kroot killing 5, they make their leadership test.

Kroot move forward to rapid fire the terminators. FW#5 retreat to other side of Tower. HQs combine to kill 2 terminators and retreat behind tower or kroot. Railhead fires on Tact 1, no effect. SMS on tact2, no effect. Ionhead moves forward 6in and fires on Termie (with flamer), no effect. Kroot fire on Termie…no effect. In retrospect, I should have charged the kroot instead of firing because….

Turn 5:
Last terminator torches, then charges Kroot. Chaplain Tactical squad rolls boxcars to exit the forest, reveal the Holy Relic the Chaplain was carrying and charges Kroot. The resulting CC round is death for kroot with no casualties on the marines, but both marine units are exposed to return fire…terminator manages to consolidate into Tower. Demo charges! Las cannon fires at Railhead stunning it. LR fires at Railhead and destroys it!

HQ1 fires on Terminator, killing it…ending that first attempt to blow the tower. HQ2+FW#4+Ionhead focus fire on the Tactical squad. When the smoke clears, only the Chaplain is standing.

Turn 6:
Tact 2 finally moves up to forest edge….too late to help the Chaplain at the tower. LR opens fire on the FW squad, killing 5, they make their leadership (Man…I love Shas'Ui upgrade!). Chaplain can't get to HQs because FWs are screening them, so he charges the tower hoping to survive for the turn (and roll a 7th turn).

FWs regroup behind tower (again) and only 1 can fire on the chaplain. Rapid fire yields 1 wound! Ionhead moves between LR and Chaplain and fires on Chap. Chaplain doesn't survive the Ioncannons (even with the Rosarius) and dies. HQ w/ FB moves behind tower in the hopes of getting into range on the LR. HQ2 moves behind wreckage of railhead intending to fire on the tacts moving up.

Roll for extra turn yields another turn.

Turn 7.
LR fires on Ionhead, destroying the Ion Cannon. Tacts move up around forest.

HQ2 fires MP at tacts to no effect. FWs move into north ruins to get the cover save. HQ1 thinks better of LR attempt and retreats towards ruins as well, leaving Tower to block LOS.

Roll for extra turn ends the game! Tau victory!

Things I would've done differently:
Dropped the EMPs and saves/shaper. My FWs never got into range with the LR and the saves on the kroot were pretty much negated by every weapon the marines had. Might have been nice in CC, but the chaplain made sure they didn't survive any attacks anyway. The Kroot did work great as a screen though, so still worth the points to take 'em. Next time I think I'm going to give them some hounds to at least be able to counter attack a marine assault (I only got to roll against the terminator and that was pathetic). With the extra points, I'd have either purchased more Kroot or more FWs. Tough choice though.

I also would've swapped my HQs in the beginning. Setting up the MP in the center made sense, but then the FB was the only tank killing weapon I had….putting it so far to the north meant he never got that LR into range. And the MP has like triple the range. Stupid!

Things the marine player wished he had done:
Move that LR 12inches every turn and forget about firing those guns….getting those terminators into CC sooner would've covered the advance of his tacticals better. He also said he should've used the LR to destroy the Railhead as soon as he had LOS (About Turn 3 he had it cause I was careless) and moved up that tact instead. And of course, he wished he hadn't jumped that assault squad a turn early into the jaws of doom that killed them. His quote "Curse that ruler and the 3/4 inch! Stupid Tau!"

It was a really fun game and the first time I used a lot of this terrain (I built it all special for the campaign mission).

Next mission is Rescue at 1250 points. The marines need to recover that Holy Relic! As winner of this mission, I get to pick which side to set up on in that one, so we'll see. Expect to see my 1250 Rescue mission list soon. Hope you all enjoyed the Batrep. Let me know if there is something else you'd like to see in 'em. I plan to document the entire campaign as long as I can!
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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

Definately exciting to read! Very cool how you slowly shot his units up one bt one, especially the Terminator. You're not the first to make the mistake about wether to assault or not with your Kroot, but the Flamer usually tips the option. Great with a map too. It helps alot.

Have a nice day!

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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

Nice work! +1

The armor save for the Kroot is generally just a slight bonus for close-combat. Most guns cut right through it, and Kroot are far better served by cover saves. The EMP grenades can be useful, but I have never had much success with them on Fire Warriors. Gue'Vesa seem to be more useful in that regard.
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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

I agree on the Kroot. A 6+ save doesn't really help against anything Marine, except maybe a chainsword. It's a waste of points, really. Kroot should be in the woods, where their Fieldcraft protects them far better.

I also agree on the use of EMP grenades. I've never used them, as I try to have enough Railgun and Fusion Blaster firepower to take out vehicles before the Fire Warriors would have a chance to assault. I'm tempted to equip one squad just for a cheap way to take out the father-in-law's Land Raider Crusader, but I think any squad trying to get close would be cut down to a point where they're practically ineffective.
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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

Thanks for all the great comments! I'll keep this up as the campaign moves along (the two of us plan to play once a month for the linked-campaign).

It's strange. I really love the kroot as I find them to be a great distraction to other players, but I don't think they've ever survived a game intact. Either they get shot to hell and back trying to cross some sort of dead-land to get an objective…or they miserably die in an assault from I4 units.

I can't decide what I'm doing wrong with them. I try to no longer use them as an assault force and instead as really cheap screen troops. Put them into assault range, but always rapid fire instead of charging…it usually works…I mean…who knew that 15 rapid fire bolters wouldn't be able to kill 1 terminator?

The mistake I made was that though I was clever enough to leave the kroot last to fire (so I could decide whether or not to charge), I still fired anyway. As it stood, it left them in range to get charged by the Tacts and Chaplain. Holy Relic and Litanies of Hate means a whole lot of dead Kroot. Especially with the 2 flamers that hit them. It was pretty awful. 15 toasted and sliced up kroot for nothing that round. The Kroot Shapers are going to have a talk to my Shas'o about careless waste of lives, I think.

One thing I was very proud of myself for was not being distracted by the land raider. I focused every shot on the only threat to me losing the scenario and that was the infantry. Even with the LR pouring shots into my troops, I stayed on target. I think the marine player firing at my HH every turn really cost him as he wound up without enough troops to demo the tower by turn 5. It can't be said enough….Have a plan and stick to it! It really works.

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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

that was a good Battle report to read, reminds me of when me and my brother play lol
he has Ultramarines
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Default Re: [BatRep]1000 Ultramarines vs. Tau

This thread is more than two years old, though. Please try to avoid bringing the old ones back unless you need to add something extremely important. If you just want to comment on it you can always send the original author a PM if they are still active.
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