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Tau Tactical Profiles:
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Default Tau Tactical Profiles:

In light of the tau tactics and rumours about the new codex ive decided to take a look at some un-tried units, and was hoping you guys could try the configurations out and post what you found out.

Profile 1:
Skyray - Railhead triple whopper

A skyray paired up with a railhead can be a devastating combo. Consider the following set-up:

-Railhead with smart missile system and mandaroty upgrades
-Sky ray withsmart missile system and mandatory upgrades
-A few pathfinders

The skyray would be the lead tank, as it will need line of sight for its markerlights and burst cannons, the railhead will do the LOS strategy focusing the rail gun a target that the skyray can also see. The skyray will then paint the target vehicle/squad, and will use one markerlight(the first one) for the railgun, and the second onea seeker missile or to paint for another unit (crisis suits perhaps). The railhead can then engage a second target using its smart missile system, which the sky ray will also engage making for 8 S5 shots (which is not bad). Across the table you pathfinder will be able to use the sky rays remaining missiles to engage enemy tanks or characters with the added advantage that the sflanking skyray will be shooting at the side armour of the pathfinders nearest armoured threat who can then markelight (4 markerlight) and rail rifle(3 of em for unit size of 7) for a total firepower of:

Target 1
1 guided rail solid or submunitions
1 seeker missile

Target 2
2 smart missile system

Target 3
up to 4 seeker missile
3 rail riflle shots

That would allow you to quite confidently be able to take out 1 chimera, 1 unit of guardsmen and 1 unit of sentinels, all in one (slightly lucky) shooting phase from only 3 units!

Profile 2:

The "Deathrain" crisis suit alternative 'Thundercloud"

In the new codex we have several new options including targetting arrays for crisis suits, lower weapons costs and the potential for markerlight drones (work well if you use seeker missile, or the above combo) but in its cheapest form the unit will look something like this:

-1 Suit

"Thundercloud" crisis suit team
3 Crisis suits with missile pods, burst cannons and targetting arrays
(optional) led by Shas'vre with hard wired drone controller and 2 markerlight/gun drones (optional)

the unit should float just under 200 but we cant be for certain yet.

My reasoning behind the weapons set-up is as follows:
The thundercloud crisis suits are for engaging the enemies fast attack elements and short range elimination of low T infantry. The role in which they would shine however, is as an anti-mechanised assault unit, with the ability to (quite certainly) destroy or cripple a units transport with the missile pods (which are now hitting on 3s) and then in the next turn(having an entangled unit is even better) they can use their short range burst cannons to finish of the infantry coming from the inside. With 6 BS 4 STR 7 shots at long range and 9 BS4 S5 shots ar short range, these guys should really be able to dish it out.

Well thats the first 2 for now, i'd be glad to hear your comments

Shas'el Kaj'Kun
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

Interesting but I personally am making no tactical analysis or hypothesis until I have the new codex in hand and am absolutely sure of what we are dealing with. No matter how good the rumours may be you never know. Even the stuff from IA3 Id wait to deal with till the new codex comes out.

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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

the Sky-ray is an anti-air attachment to a Hammerhead, not sure how it markerlights things ;D. but other then that, good. except that I'm not sure 200 points of crisis suits is quite worth taking out a few transports. oh, and whats a targeting array do?
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

It upgrades the BS of the unit that has it. The skyray is no longer an anti-air unit in the new codex but is more like a missil boat. It has networked markerlights so it can mark for its own seekers.

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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

okey my turn not sure if this is possible but it would be a laught for farsight


sheild genorator
vectored jets
stimuatlation injectors
irium plates

join him with a 8 gun drone squad drone then rush towards the enemy then jumps in and out do the hokey pokey but dont let him to close to power fist like wepaons.

hunter of the hidden

2 gun drones
missles (wasnt realy sure what to put on the last slot)

jumps around sending the occational care package on hidden units

another taitic which will come into use is double light of fury do double fish of fury then marker light it both groups for BS+2. its not pretty even on terminators who just about get away from it
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:


Where exactly are you guys getting your rules? Are they just a Hypothesis or actual information? :P
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

The Iridium armor plates, stim inectors, and vectored jets are actual new wargear. I don't really want to reveal their uses (for obvious reasons), but I personally wouldn't go for Iridium armor plates. makes the JSJ a very iffy tactic. Iridium Armor Plates was a feature of the FW XV89? with the 2+ armor save, so if you have IA3, you can look up the rules there.

Alls I gotta say is, "Gue'la, Gue'la, what you gonna do? what you gonna do when Tau come for you..." 8)
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

Im tempted to use the IonHead Pathfinders Vespid combo for the ultimate marine killing machine!
The markerlights negate cover saves, increase the BS and the Ion and Vespids shoot for all they are worth. I dont really know the full stat line on the Vespid so they may have to get in close and dirty, or possibly deepstrike successfully. All that AP3 should destroy a 10man squad... or at least reduce it enough so that a full vespid squad can assault. Then again... i usually take 2 ion cannons... so that would help too

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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

I like the sound of stim injectors. The iridium sounds like a good option if you're deepstriking a monat (TL Fusion, most likely)
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Default Re: Tau Tactical Profiles:

If you like close combat try a shas'o with TL fusion, Sheild, HW sheild drones with all the jazz stated before plus the drones will make him unstopable. I am assuming that the new jazz for the commander doesn't require hard points.

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