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Tau Timeline
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Default Tau Timeline

anyone want to try and compile events concerning the Tau?

begin with
Adeptus discovery

Age of Apostacy: random warp storms scour the galaxy in surprising intensity (there are your random warp storms that "saved" the Tau race, not so hard eh?)

Tau Dark age and arrival of the ethereals

Dynamic Expansion
you've got the Tau'n campaign first

Damocles gulf/Lithesh War

Brightsword is a 'La of O'shova and is killed

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Default Re: Tau Timeline

Oh and BTW the 40k part of warhammer is the time that has pasted since the emperor has been put in the throne. there was alot of time between now and the rise of the Imperium. There was the DAoT the iron men and allot of other stuff including the first crusades lead by the first SM's and the primarches so I don't want anyone saying that now is the year 2000 in the 40k universe. I really just wanted that to be cleared up because there are allot of people out there who forget lasguns aren't really in existence yet ;D

Thanks for the time line calmsword it is really helpful to put everything into perspective.

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Default Re: Tau Timeline

thanks a lot- if anyone has any more info please add- plus the 40k system is based on our own currently, its 2006 in the 40k timeline, the second epoch begins in 2011.
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~Good Hunting
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