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Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!
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Default Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!


I would just like to point out that GW has unfairly given Crisis Battlesuits 3 Hard Points when you are supposed to have 4. Look at this:

You have a Crisis Battlesuit.

It has 2 Arm Hard Points. (2 Weapons allowed)

It has 2 Shoulder Hard Points (1 Weapon allowed?)

This seems silly to me. You have 4 Hard Points and you cannot use 1!

Any ideas?
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

Maybe too many systems overload the suit, making it malfunction.
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

You might argue that the Jump pack is taking up one of those hardpoints. Or perhaps you could get a 4th but the weight would prevent the use of the jump pack...

Broadsides don't have a jump pack and they carry 4 hardpoints worth of weapons!
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

So what would be the point of 4 Slots on the Battlesuit? : :P

Really, theyve made a huge mistake.
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

Or perhaps there are four possible hard points in case a given Shas'O wishes to have his missile pods on both shoulders - or weapons on the arms and a HW drone controller represented alongside his Multitracker - or possibly they just couldn't decide which shoulder to favour and face pissing off the United Left Shoulder Hardpoint Coalition.

The model has four points, the Shas'la has two hands, but I'm not telling GW they [messed] up for telling me I can only hold one pulse rifle.

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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

What are they supposed to do, give battesuits only one shoulder? :

Seriously though, a battlesuit can only pump out so much power. You need ammo feeds, power sources, coolant, and all those nice things to power a gun, and a battlesuit isn't that big. I'd imagine more than 3 weapons would compromise effeicency. (Even twin - linked isn't as strong as two and that's essentially what it is)

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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

I really don't see the point of this thread... The models were made to be pretty much symmetrical (if you only had three hard points, where would they be? over/on the head? that would look stupid..) - and only having 3 hardpoints is obviously for balance reasons. Having 4 Possible Places to mount weapons though, means that you have some flexibility in how you model your crisis suits, and so that they can be different to a certain degree, rather than all of them being gun toting ownage-suits (like broadsides - they all look the same.. in terms of modelling poses.. there isn't as much you can do with them)

From a fluff point of view, they would probably need a bit more power, but that's just what we can deduce from the rules that are what they are..
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

Good Point mace. The only dilemma I have now is why mount 4 slots instead of 3? Cant they just decide? Would shoulder make much difference?
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

Crisis suits may have room for 4, but they only have the strength for 3.
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Default Re: Crisis Battlesuits have 4 Hard Points. Look at it!

this does seem like an odd question. I guess I can simplify things a bit:
  • Symmetrical slots, as mentioned. If the crisis suits had only two arm slots and a right shoulder slot, I'd whine that I dont have the option to get Battlemechy by putting a missile pod on each shoulder!
  • Versatile model core. The Crisis torso is the same suit as the Broadside, and so the Broadside modification still has to be mountable. the broadside actually has a deficiency of slots, since my BSs mount twin rails, twin plasma, and a shield gen.. where does the shield gen go? (currently, square on the chest)
  • Representing HW options: Youll see GW models doing this all the time; where a Hardiwired Multitracker still has the multitracker bit mounted on the shoulder. This makes the Team leaders and commanders seem higher rank as well, since all four slots would have something on them

Thats about all I can get out of the reasons for the slots being the way they are. Personally, I wouldnt want it any other way! I like the fact I can Pin a huge variety of suit configs with the slots the way they are. There are dozens if not hundreds of 'looks' out there! Look at the FireKnife and variants(plas/missile/multi): it could be plas right arm, missile left arm, multi right shoulder(FireKnife), or plasma right arm, missile pod on a shoulder, shield on left arm, multi (hw but mounted) on other shoulder (FireKnife7), or weird stuff like plasma left shoulder, fusion right shoulder, missile right arm, hw invisible multitracker (FireKnife8/Helios7).

The point of the rambling above is that you could have a team of 3 crisis, all FireKnife... but no two would look the same. THATs why there are 4 weapon slots!
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