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Pathfinder question.
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Old 20 Jan 2006, 23:42   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Pathfinder question.

Im kinda new to warhammer 40k and i was wondering, do you have to have a devilfish to use pathfinders?
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Default Re: I have a question?

I believe so....

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Default Re: I have a question?

Yes you do.
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Default Re: I have a question?

well, there IS one way out of it, but you'll have to talk your way into it. Trust me, its in the forgeworld rules, so its doable, WITH your opponents permission.

Claim an Orca Drop. An Orca is in Imperial Armor 3, and is the Tau version of the Thunderhawk, and delivers Firewarriors, Drones, XV suits AND pathfinders into combat zones. You really dont need the Orca itsself to do an Orca Drop, its an alternate deployment method.. basically during the aircraft segment of the first turn, you select a flight path across the board anywhere of your choosing. then, anywhere along that line, deploy units strung out along that line. This simulates the Tau running out the back ramp one at a time as the Orca makes a slow pass.

one caveat to this is that Pathfinders can deploy this way without a devilfish.... the Orca is considered their transport vehicle. You dont have to Orca drop your whole army, you could claim the Orca was the pathfinders transport, and that was all the Orca delivered...

So there! there is a way actually out there to get away without the devilfish! Good luck convincing anyone to go along with that, though!
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Default Re: I have a question?

That's what the codex says. Blows, don't it? :
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Default Re: I have a question?

lol, I've never heard of that way of doing it. I think I'd just tough it out with the DF. After all, it is another vehicle the enemy has to take out. If your lucky he'll consentrate on it leaving your pathfinders to light him up.
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Default Re: I have a question?

maybe in the new codex you have to have one but in the old one you don't need a DF for them
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Default Re: I have a question?

Originally Posted by Sephiroth_knight
maybe in the new codex you have to have one but in the old one you don't need a DF for them
no in the new codex you still need the fish thought it is more useful in the new codex.

there are some missions in the taros campain (a Forge World book about a tau VS imperail campain) in which a team of pathfinders are on the feild but with no transport.

if you ask your oppent about it i am sure you can come up with a way round it.

thought iff your new i suggest that dont use pathfinders till you at least got a 1500 piont army they are a expensive unit
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Default Re: I have a question?

yes, you have to have a devilfish.
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: Pathfinder question.

If you read the codex (if you are new, I guess not), It would say under Pathfinders: Devilfish-this squad must be mounted on a devilfish. Unless my ESL training fails me, it means you must get a devilfish for your pathfinders.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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