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For the greater good?
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Old 19 Jan 2006, 14:48   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default For the greater good?

Well....Here's justa question. I have been collecting warhammer for a pretty long time...
I have all the codexes and have checked out every little bit. I have also checked
billions of battle reps on internet. But out of 10000000 games against tyranids...They win 1.
And against the rest about 20 out of 55. Are they really good? I know they will have new codex.... And I may also have very wrong. But here's the real qustion...

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Default Re: For the greater good?

I've played Tyranids twice, and I lost one game out of being idiotic enough to not shoot his one synapse creature(it was 500 pts). I played him again right after that and completely slaughtered him without the loss of a single troop. So it seems to me Tau can be used very effective against Tyranids. Out of every other game I've played against any other race I've won almost all of them, or at least tied them. They by no means suck, but can be fairly complicated to use.
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Default Re: For the greater good?

I have no trouble against tyranids. Or much of anything else for that matter. The only armies that give me a real hard time are fast moving marines/chaos and necrons.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: For the greater good?

tau are very usefull against every0ne because the tau thke down every thing before they even get in range thats why tau are good ;D
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Default Re: For the greater good?

in my thoughts i think S M

because they get to close are their armour save is really good
so ya

Tau over all is really good but there are others
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Default Re: For the greater good?

ive only ever played tau, im a total fanatic having not only translated the Golden Plate by myself, but also making proxy models two months before they came out- my obsession with them has made me concentrated and challenged almost all the time by the people that go to the local store. it was rough in the beginning but now i can safely say that Tau do not suck and if anything they rely the most on the commander and how that commander has to change his tactics and rely on every aspect of his army- unlike a SM who can buff up a command squad or dominate with a tactical squad
i have a 50 game streak- Tau do not suck.
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Old 19 Jan 2006, 21:06   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: For the greater good?

I've had mixed results. Against my buddies SMs I've been very successful, suprisingly successful actually. But in battle involving more then two players, usually a 3 way battel between my Tau, SMs, and Eldar, I've had no success, with the Eldar player usually comming out ahead.
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Default Re: For the greater good?

Tau absolutely do not suck, there are just a lot of noobs playing the army and getting stomped. Reading battle reports is in no way a good way to gauge the army as a whole, just particular builds and tactics. I myself have a fairly good record and against various opponents. Ive killed almost every type of marine you can imagine, faced Eldar and IG a few times, have duked it out with both types of Inquisition, splattered a few nids and shot up a couple chaos armies and in general I have a fair amount of success.

Tau do not suck at all. They are just not that easy of an army to play. They are not nearly as forgiving as other armies out there. They also look cool and thus attract a lot of new players who not knowing the game very well and not being able to put the Tau to good use are beaten repeatedly. This is by no means something that always happens its just a general trend one can notice lately. An influx of Tau players and a great deal of them being new to the game.

Try out the Tau, play them and you will see that fighting for the greater good is not a lost cause.

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Default Re: For the greater good?

I agree with Vash113, the Tau are a great army, it's just that it takes experience to play Tau, like playing Free Bird on a guitar.
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Default Re: For the greater good?

Which is quite a feat! I find the only army that has caused me big problems are chaos but i have beaten them before.
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