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Human Auxiliary Conversions
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Default Human Auxiliary Conversions

does anyone have some conversion ideas for human auxillary? i personally have an i dea but id like to know what others think.
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Default Re: human auxillary conversions

You can simply use cadian shock troops. The most common I have seen use cadians mixed with Firewarrior bits, you can also use catachan and firewarriors.

However for those who want to be cheap a box of cadian shock troops works just fine. Gives you 2 10 man squads and they look high techy enough not to need any conversions, just some paint.

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Default Re: human auxillary conversions

What is said above..

And also, check out this article on the US GW website: http://us.games-workshop.com/games/4...ux/default.htm
(Click '>>>Next' - there are numerous squads done by different staff)
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Default Re: Human Auxiliary Conversions

I prefer to use the Necromunda Orlock figs (old version ). I like them because they look more like merc's and not so neat and clean as the Cadians or like the Rambo poser Catachan. If you can still find them the plastic Orlocks are very easy to convert.
I also think the Van Saar gangers would work well . They have a high tech Dune still (sp) suit look.
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Default Re: Human Auxiliary Conversions

If you want your Auxiliaries to look like more common people who have some tactical knowledge, I 'm using the Gaunt's Ghosts models, as they look the most like civilians. For now I'm using the basic four troop models x3 for the unit plus I'm in the middle of dremeling out the bearded major guys lasgun to replace with a pulse carbine. a more ragtag band of auxiliaries I have is made of some Last Chancers, some Catachans, some Orlocks and a Necromunda bounty hunter (the one with bionics). The unit is led by Sly Marbo with a pulse carbine. Now, I just have to make sure the human auxiliaries rule will be in the new codex.
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Default Re: Human Auxiliary Conversions

I think I'll wait for the codex before I go to work...

However I'll propably start with plastic cadians and add shoulder pads and other gear from the Tau FWs.
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