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XV15 Deployment
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Default XV15 Deployment

Always been a huge fan of Stealthsuits, at least from a game perspective. They look good and play good....but are a real B*****d to paint (pathelogical hatred of metal mini's).

With the upcoming new releases i'm looking to shave a few points here and there for my army list and i was wondering if anyone had any experience fielding 4 man XV15 teams.

Granted you loose 6 shots, but the units cheaper, can ignore bonding as one model is pretty useless (i'm partial to bonding my stealths even at max models, 6 shots is still a fair bit of bite when under 50%), and is reduced on Priority for enemy fire due to size, in theory at least.

So, any opinions?
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Default Re: XV15 Deployment

I have never taken less than five man stealth team but I am very aggresive with with stealth teams . You will still have good fire power ( 12 shots ) so that is not to big of a problem . I've had a stealth team reduced to 3 models and they still acounted for 2 Leman Russ's killed all on their own.

I would keep bonding though it has served me well many many times. Even one stealth can cause alot of trouble behind enemy lines .
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Default Re: XV15 Deployment

Even if the points cost go up, the larger the squad the better! Plus, 4 is an odd number for a squad.
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Default Re: XV15 Deployment

i agree,stealths work better in numbers,i dont mind 3 and i dont mind 5.i dont know why i just think its unbenificial,by the way bond them
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Default Re: XV15 Deployment

My stealth team usually runs at 5. It's by far my most lethal team. I've always had a special place in my heart for them. ;D
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Default Re: XV15 Deployment

well...ever heard of a 5 man termie squad? If you played (or at least seen 1 person played), they need a lot of support. even with assualt cannons and powerfists, they need help since every gun in the enemy line would target them. Also, with only 3 kills, the are already below 50%, thus uneffective. Solution? Numbers. Bring lots of them. If you field stealths, they are no exception. 4 man teams are not enough unless you field them with another squad of drones. Bring the team up to 6. Bonding is very good for stealths because they are usually the "lone wolves" of the tau army. And becuase of this, they can be targeted very easily and rendered ineffective. Bonding eleiminates this threat by being able to regroup even below 50%. As a rule, I always deploy stealths to 1/3 of Fire Warriors I deploy (ex. 12 stealths with 36 FW). This allows for support for both units, as the stealth wrecks havoc in the enemies precious troops, the FW comes in (without the threat of the enemy's more dangerous units) and support the now pressured stealth suits.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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