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Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games / How many do you use?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games / How many do you use?

I'm new to Tau, but a long time veteran of 40k and other GW games. I'm beginning an escalation league soon, and seek the advice of those more seasoned than myself.

First, let me say that I intend to border on the mech tau doctrine of war. I personally do well with maneuverable armies, and intend to make the most of my ability to position and localize firepower.

How many squads of fire warriors warriors do people run with in a 2000pt game? How about a 100pt? So far, through my introductory low point games, I am extremely impressed with the fire warrior as a basic troop, and am considering going very heavy with them. So I'm curious if people find a particular number of squads to be effective.

Also, as a secondary and related matter, how do people number/compose their fire warrior squads? I've been fiddling with variations, ie 8, 10, 10+2 drones, 12, etc... I can't say I've settled on what works best...

Anyway, I look forward to hearing the responses, and am excited to be a part of Tau online. Thanks.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

Welcome to TO !
Well, as a Mech player myself I tend to play 2 squads of 10 FWs w/ a Shas'ui, Mounted in a DF w/ Decoy Launcher, Targeting Array and Multi-tracker, which give me two expensive but effective FWs squads for 420 points in my 1000 points games. I normally try to fill in 3 in my 1500 points one. In 2000 I prefer adding a Pathfinder squad rather than another FW one, but I'm sure you could have 4 mounted units in a 2000 points game (I've never been over 1500).

Why 10, not 8 or 12 and no drones ? Because it is easier to pack 10 models behind a DF than it is with 12, and 8 is just too low, but effective in Combat patrols. No drones because these ... well ... are simply no at their place here. Can't match the range, loose one shot in Rapid fire deployment, cost 1 point more per model (if you take 2) that a FW and can't use JsJ, which is the special ability that may make you fill in some in your army.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

10 is the best all round number of firewarriors to have, unbonded to save points your force only drops when you are reduced to 4 models, which are pretty in effective. Its cheaper than a 12 man force, and as blade mentioned better for FOF Deployment.

I typically use 10/12 for a single FOF team, with a few 8 man squads (just to break up focused fire and give extra manovering and fire coverage on the board).

Drones are just too different to firewarriors to be effective. They will loose the Jetpacks and not match the squad on firing. Drones on suits are pointless too. Infact Drones in drone squds are about the only use for Drones (until Empire codex comes out, fingers crossed).
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

You obviously seem to already know the pros of Firewarriors, here's a good discussion of their cons. Reading all the way through this thread would be a good idea, as many important concepts were brought up and/or clarified in later posts.

To answer your question, I would not advise bringing more than a single squad of Firewarriors unless you're playing more than ~2000 pts.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

In a Tau army isn't it compulsory to take at least 2? Or is it one?
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

No, only one squad needs to be FW, the others can be Kroot or IG conscripts.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

Hmm...only 1 squad. I take 2 x12 man squads in every 1850 list I build. Granted I only use 2 6 man stealth teams instead of the ever popular 3 x6. I really like redundancy in my lists hence the 3 railheads, 2 shas'os, etc... this way if one unit is taken out of the equation I'm not at a loss to fill its role.( lose all 3 railheads and I can fall back on my 2 shas'os w/ PR, FB, MP, HWMT and 2 deathrains for anti-armour) Another thing I've discovered in my area is stealths ability to be wiped out by ordnance. Maybe its just my playstyle but my FWs in Dfish always seem to last as long and hold table quarters just as effectively as stealths. Maybe its due to the fact that by the time I deploy my FWs the board is usually void of any real resistance, well I hope this helps.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

I find that one squad of ten works well for me (although I am not objected to two). Warriors are awesome, but drones, kroot and stealth suits do anti infantry even better.

Still, one squad of warriors should always be taken even if it were not mandatory. They can cap very light vehicles at lone range and can rush up and rapid fire important targets.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

Depends if it's a composition tournament.

Tonka's post talks about kroot like they're more survivable than fire warriors, yet flamers still exist and 7+" woods are hard to come by in my experience.

I've said for a long time that fire warriors suck, but I haven't actually gone over to removing them from my list. I guess I need to get some more stealths. Right now I take 1-3 squads of 8-12. Definitely 12 if unmounted.

Tonka, I'd like to see more of your army lists. The single one I've seen here, ascension of El'Ton'Ka, has 12 mounted FW, 10 Kroot, 14 Kroot. It doesn't really bear out the points in your FW post, imo.
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Default Re: Fire warrior squads in 2000 and 1000 games

I like 3 full squads. In the future, i am probably going to upgrade the number to 4, but have 2 in Devilfish for larger games and have them form a mobile fire base in addition to the static base that the other 2 squads will give me.
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