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Kroot Shaper
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Default Pathfinders

Does any one have any ideas for an army that's based off around Pathfinders? I really like to use them, but can never think of an army list that uses them well. Also, does putting the full amount of Rail Rifle they can take in the squad a good idea? And what about Grenades?
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Default Re: Pathfinders

I know your new, but his sould be in the main tau section, not in army lists, ask a mod to move it please

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Pathfinders

Agh...! Finding the correct spot to post things is dificult...!

[size=8pt]Heh, we've all been there. Topic Moved. - Aunny[/size]
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Default Re: Pathfinders


Here's my advise on pathfinders, I don't use them myself but I've seen them used regularly by my friend.

Pathfinders greatest advantage is that it allows you to concentrate very accurate fire power into a particular unit. This is very useful for the Tau where one unit getting into assault could run rampent through our lines.

Pathfinders also aid versitility. Although pathfinders reduce the amount of raw firepower that could otherwise be in the army it allows the weapons which are the most effective against your opponent to be very accurate, eg. where you don't know your opponent you'll probably have both crisis suits and stealths suits. If you're playing Imperial guard you can markerlight you stealths, if you playng marines you can markerlight your plasma rifles on the crisis suits.

Markerlights allows one weapon you to hit on 2+ or launch a seeker missile and ignore cover saves. That means markerlighting twin-linked weapons is a bit of coverkill. Markerlighting low AP weapons at targets in cover is good. Lastly multiple shot weapons are good to markerlight.

If I included pathfinders in an army I wouldn't include twin-linked weapons on crisis suits. I would also include more stealths at the expense of fire warriors (as each markerlight hit will help 3 shots rather than 1 or 2 if rapid firing the firewarrior). If I used seeker missiles I would put them on hammerheads rather than devilfishs as pts of the seekers would be on a scoring unit (plus the hammerheads are more likely to survive.

On the composition of the pathfinder squad I would have 6 or 8 pathfinders with a shas'ui with hard wired target lock (so he can fire at a different target, firing the whole squad at a vehicle is probably overkill if you have 2 railguns to fire on it). On the devilfish I would just put decoy launchers (and possibly a multi-tracker) to keep it cheap. Some people like to also put on a targeting array, but I would increase the pts costs of non-scoring units too much.

The reason I suggest 6 pathfinders is that some people have found that only 6 pathfinders don't seem as threatening as a full squad, so they receive less attention and therefore last longer.

I wouldn't bother with grenades at all. Pathfinders kill tank better by markerlighting them for missile pods and railguns, and photon grenades will not save the pathfinders from death if their assaulted (all there likely to do is to make the pathfinders die in your turn rather than the turn there assaulted).

One last config for pathfinders if to use a shas'ui with a hard wired target lock, and 3 pathfinders with rail rifles. However this squad is very small and vunverable and easy to take out.

One last tip on seeker missiles is to not take more than you can fire off in 2 turns. You don't want to risk either the pathfinders or the vehicle the seekers are on dying.

Regarding seekers some people don't think there cost effective put they can be used to give a massive amount of firepower in the first two turns helping to take out key enemy units. Hopefully this 2 turn blugeoning will be too much for the enemy to recover from.

Please not that some of this advise will change when the new codex comes out in late Feb/early March when their rules change (and become overall better).

It may be worth you posting a list with pathfinders in, and seeing what people on this forum think.


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