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Crisis Suits & Shield Generators
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Old 13 Jan 2006, 23:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Crisis Suits & Shield Generators

Hey, is there any point using sheild generators with crisis battlesuits?

I personally use them to strike fear it to tank with low armour (evil Laugh) but yer any help would be very helpful.
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Default Re: crises and sheild gengraters

The point so when you get shot by AP3 or lower wepoan you dont loss a wound or a suit.
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Default Re: crises and sheild gengraters

Yea... what he said.

I feel they take up too much room pointwise. Also, my Crisis suits have an Invulnerable 1+ Cover save when hiding behind a gigantic building.
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Default Re: Crisis Suits & Shield Generators

The shield gennerator is an interesting advantage for the Tau. How many other armies can give their elites, heavy support and HQ invulnerable saves in such quantities as we have the option to do?

The question is what is this suite going to be doing. A shas'el is likely to be well protected with IC status and if cought is not likely to survive long in cc anyway. However a Shas'O is a bigger points investment and has the skills to survive in cc to justify taking the shield. Also it depends on the weapons your using. Twin plasmas or fusions can mean very close up fighting which might justify the shield for protection especially when deep striking to give you time to destroy the enemy armor, where as with missil pods as the primary weapons your not likely to get very close and thus not likely to need that protection.

Its all up to you in how much you want to spend on protecting your army, how likely it is that the suit will need the shield justifying its purchase and whether you have the points for it or whether your armies strategy would need such a thing. Its all personal preference really.

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Default Re: Crisis Suits & Shield Generators

welll one thing i currently do is have 1 suit in a team with sheild generator. then all the dangrous shots get transfered to him/her/it. it works for me. all my commaders have a sheild genorator i hate deepstriking meltas
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