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The Myriad Roles of Commanders
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Default The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Well perhaps there were discussions on this before I joined or during one of my absences but I personally have not seen any in depth review of the place commanders hold in armies. Each unit has been gone over execively and each builds to form an entire army and give it a theme and strategy. The Commanders are equipped to compliment the stratagy of their army, so obviously each persons commander tends to be a bit differant. Thus I would like to see how each of you use your commanders.

What are they fitted with? What do they generally do? Do they form up with any other units? How effective have they been for you? Are they an offencive unit, a defencive unit a jack of all trades? Are they a key stone or are they a support unit?

Now Ill answer those questions for my commander.

He uses the Helios configuration. Shas'O with the Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Gennerator and a Hard Wired Multi Tracker. He usually hangs back during the start of the mission while my army gets into position and then gets close, once battle has been met he will move forward and remove key threats or support my army where needed and he is there to deal with any... problems that arise. For instance a Terminator squad or a Land Raider, a Leman Russ or some pesky assault marines. Sometimes if the enemy has no high powered ordanance that could scatter and insta kill him he will form up with 2-3 battlesuits and anywhere from 2-8 gun drones. He will not attatch to any of them but will stick with them and while not the main offencive power of the group is there to break off and hit targets I identified earlier such as the side armor of a Russ.

For me my commander has been very effective. He almost always makes back his points, has never died and seems to make a habbit of killing my opponents commander. He is sort of a mix of a jack of all trades and an offencive unit. He is capable of taking quite a lot of hurtin and has the ability to kill anything with a decent chance. Whether it be getting within 6" to use that Fusion Blaster on tanks or letting rip on Terminators he can do it. However due to the nature of his weapons short range he is also an offencive unit. He is also by no means a key to my army. He is simply a bonding agent. He pulls it all together and makes sure that if luck turns against me and something goes terribly wrong I still have a unit on the field that can in a pinch get the job done. So in this way he is a support unit for my entire army and sort of a last resort insurance policy.

That is my commander. So tell us about yours.

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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

My comaneder is a shas'o with a fusion blaster and a missle pod with a sheild generator and a hardwired multi-tracker. He acts i the same way yours does. He is usually on the offensive and backs up any flanks that have been weakened. He's a sort of floater and he goes where he is needed, and if there isn't anything that the rest of my army can't handle he'll go character hunting or tank hunting if my HH is having trouble. He's also the last unit in my army to go (my friends and I don't usually play with mission objectives we just play till everythings dead). He usually isn't the hero in my army though and just does what he can during the game.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Right now I use an FB+PR+MP and a HW multi-tracker. I use him like yours, but he has a long-range punch to punish anything while he moves in for the Helios support.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Well, I based my shas'o on vash's idea(a perfect clone) and so far in games, he tends to kill transport with troops in it with a bang and/or kills commanders.

Althought I may swap the Shield gen with a missile pod. But it depends really. Right now, i'm swapiing it a will give it a try.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Originally Posted by MechTau
Right now I use an FB+PR+MP and a HW multi-tracker. I use him like yours, but he has a long-range punch to punish anything while he moves in for the Helios support.
I use the same config. Played offensively, the commander (Shas'o in this case) advances firing it's MP and PR at long range, then closing in to rapid fire the PR at medium range, then at close range, RF PR and firing the FB. Played defensively, it's something similar, except he just JSJ's around waiting for the enemy to come into range of his guns rather than moving into range himself.
Although some may see taking three weapons as a waste of one of them, as only two will ever be firing at once, I would agree, but I would also add that the versatility of being able to take out anything with a decent chance of hitting outweighs the 'wasted' weapon.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Fireknife (Plasma Rifle and Missile Pod) Shas'O with Shield Generator, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, and Hardwirder Drone Controller With 2 shield drones*. He hunts terminators. And anything with good saves. The shield generator and drones are there because I hate lascannons and power weapons (force weapons in particular). I charge him into close combat with surprisingly regularity. He usually wins too (the drones help, they kill things, occaisonally, but mainly they just die so he doesn't). I keep him near terrain for jump-shoot-jump tricks, and he makes a great distraction to protect my fire warriors. Or they make a great distraction to protect my commander. Probably a combination of the two.

*note, I play with the "drones die first" home rule, where drones still do their job of jumping in front of bullets, lascannon shots, and other threats to their controllers.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

For an 'O, I use the 'vash configuration' and a fire-knife 7 for the 'el (not that I would take them both in one game).

Both configurations work extremely well for me, although they do fill different roles. The 'vash does what you would expect it would do, taking out high-priority enemy units and possibly a tank. The #7 uses his TL M-pods to take out enemy transports like a standard DR suit and only uses the plasma if he is attacked by a deep struck assassin (that never happens to my 'O, I wonder why... Oh hey, a smashed assassin model. I wonder where they keep coming from. And why does my 'O have red pain all over his hands?)

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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

Shas'O with PR, FB, Sh and HW-MT to act on the front lines as a leader should. Generally floating around for Tanks or heavy Infantry opportunities.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

My Shas'O is just like yours, Vash. I tend to have him support my mobile forces, and hit heavy infantry targets as needed (usually the ones that were left after the rest of my army hit the target first). In other words, he plays clean up for the mobile forces to help keep them mobile.

The other use I have for him is as a target. I keep him alone, and not close enough to be targeted for most of the game, but at the end I send him out in front. My enemies thus far seemed thrilled at the idea that I've placed my HQ out in the open, forgetting that it's a non-scoring unit, and go for it instead of one of my other units. With 4 wounds and a shield generator, he usually survives anyways (as by that time the enemy doesn't have much firepower left anyway).

I did this last night. He fell for it, going after my HQ instead of my scoring units. Of course, it was such a victorious slaughter by this point that it didn't really matter. I had about 4 scoring units left in scoring range, and he had no scoring units on the board >

But yeah. Clean up and distraction are what he's good at. Very good.
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Default Re: The Myriad Roles of Commanders

My Commander: Shas'el with Twin-Linked Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle, and Hard Wired Multi-Tracker.

My Tactics: I pretty much use my Shas'el as a "Treat-Hunter" and "All-Arounder". Anything that lingers close to my battle lines, potential chargers, faster vehicles, or Deep Strikers that have just arrived, will soon see my Shas'el coming after them. By arming him with the MP's and a PR, I don't really care about AP values and the like, just the amount of fire power I can pack on and still have a substantial amount of shots while still able to pop lighter tanks and heavy infantry. Thus, my conclusion to to with Deathrain "Commander Version".
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