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Unusual Crisis Suit configs
View Poll Results: What's your favorite crisis suit config
plasma, missile, multi 14 40.00%
plasma, fusion multi 11 31.43%
TL missile, target lock/flamer 6 17.14%
TL plasma rifle, extra hardpoint 4 11.43%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Unusual Crisis Suit configs

This article is about Crisis Suit configurations. Not the normal ones. The ones nobody takes, like plasma, flamer, multi-tracker. I'll be going in depth with you all to discuss the virtues of EVERY crisis weapon configuration possible, because I've used them all. They'll also be given names from TOnkaTruckDriver's naming scheme, with the addition of the flamer. Without further ado...

Plasma Rifle: "Knife/Blade"
Missile Pod: "Fire"
Fusion Blaster: "Surge/Forge"
Burst Cannon: "Storm"
Flamer: "Blast"

Oh, and before we begin, these are not loadouts with HW multi-trackers, etc. 3 hardpoints only. I'll commander load out later.

"Normal" weapons load outs:
Now we all know what the general use of the following configs are, but what about when all the tanks are gone? What does that Sunforge suit do once his tanks are gone? That's what this section is about.

Fireknife (plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker)
-Primary Use: Jack of all Trades.
.Secondary Use: Use the missile pods, and plasma rifles to target the sides of tanks.

Helios (plasma rifle, fusion blaster, multi-tracker)
-Primary Use: MEQ killer
-Secondary Use: Destroy tanks with fusion blasters.
Target ICs with close range, powerful weaponry.

Sunforge (TL fusion blaster, shield generator/ DC and gun or shield drones)
-Primary Use: DSing tank hunter.
-Secondary Use: DSing IC killer.

Deathrain (TL missile pod, target lock/flamer)
-Primary Use: Light tank hunter.
-Secondary Use: "Artillery" unit using high strength to kill even marines.

Unusual Configs
Here is where we start the exotic crisis weapon loadouts. We even use *gasp* burst cannons, and *gasp* flamers *faints*. If anyone wants to suggest another config, post it and I'll edit this post with the citation. I'll also be going more in depth into tactics because everyone knows about the above four. I mean come on, they have specialized names...

Bladestorm (also called Blinding Spear)
-This loadout is scoffed at because, plasma rifles are suited to kill heavy infantry, and burst cannons light infantry. But, they're both used to kill infantry! this is a good anti-any infantry loadout for tournaments. Plus, it's great for fighting Guard, because of the plasma's strength 6 which kills officers outright, and 'nids, because the plasma rifle can wound MCs easily. Even against marines, burst cannons can hurt. Just remember, "You can never have too many Str 5weapons." (Mech Tau Bible)

-Great for cityfight, good against tightly packed guard. It's main use, killing Alaitoc pathfinders. these things are so annoying. If they still stand after flaming them, charge them. Even Tau can beat pathfinders, since we have T 4 and 2 wounds. Plus those long rifles won't be firing... Also good against orks and nids, but watch for nids. Flamers aren't great against Hormaguants (8" gun vs. 12" charge range...)

-AMAZING against Guard! My favorite trick, use this one a tooled out shas'o against a guard command squad. First flame them. Chances are the player will remove the little guys first. Then, roll for plasma. Technically, he can lose the standard bearer for the plasma shot, but a lot of times it works. If the opponent does catch this, charge the commissar. If he has a power weapon, he needs 4s to hit, 5s to wound, and you should have a shield generator. Powerfists go last, and don't Instant Kill you. Plus, you have 5 Str 5 attacks on the charge. Sneaky and underhanded, but all is fair in love and war after all.

-Unusual, but interesting. Close range to the extreme, I say give him drones. Two gun drones can hurt things. This is good in a Farsight list. Make him a shas'vre, with Ork Fighter, shoot, then charge. Marines won't expect the hurt you can give. > Another sneaky tactic is to DS by a tank but with troops in the way. Shoot the tank with the fusion blaster and flamer. Hopefully the flamer will kill some troops. It happened to me, and hurt like a low blow. Fun to watch Fire Warriors die to a heavy flamer aimed at my tank though.

-Useful if tank hunting. Having the missile pods means long range hurt and fusion blaster means blowing up landraiders. Also can be used to help kill MEQs. Remember that fusion blasters kill most marines, and necrons outright so no WBB, feel no pain, etc.

-Super weird. longest and shortest ranged weapon on our crisis suit arsenal. Use it against orks. Missile pods hurt anything orky, and flamers hurt orks close up. Try the shoot two targets at once maneuver from Forgeblast against Speed Freeks. It really surprised my opponent to see me blow up a vehicle, wound his broken squad, and charge!

-I actually had to think about this one. Use it as a Bladestorm suit but with tank killing capabilities. Don't really know what else to do with this combo... ???

-Maximum shot potential! Woot! I like this suit because it blows big holes and anything but MEQs and the amount of shots will do damage. they are like stealth suits in shear power, and kill about the same amount. This is also a good vehicle killer, especially Vypers, Trukks, etc. 15 shots WILL kill something.

Burning Eye
-This TL plasma rifle totting is suit is great in CPs. Especially in tournaments. I don't take Deathrain in CP because the max armour value is 33 for all sides. The best you can get is the Devilfish. Other transports are weaker. Plus it's great against MEQs. My favorite loadout is the TL plasma rifles with a drone controller and two gun drones. Three of these suits pack a lot of punch, especially in CPs. In bigger games, I'd probably take Deathrain, but that's because Falcons are legal then... :P

-Lots of TL hell > This suit is crazy for the amount of firepower it can put out. A TL burst cannon and 2 gun drones is a lot of shots, that are very accurate. I'd use them against anything really, except 1k Sons, Iynden (sp?), and Alaitoc. The amount of shots kill hurt anything, and it gives stealth suits a run for their money for sheer power. 3 of the suits kill, let's see... 4 gun drones and 7 burst cannon hits, 8 wounds... WOW! about 3 dead marines. I'm trying some of these guys! (Brought to use by Lanfeix)

Well, that's all the combinations I can think of. Soon, I'll have the next set up, which includes anybody with access to hardpoints. I'll look at bodyguards then too, but this will all be a different post. I just hope this won't be invalidated by the new codex. Hopefully We'll get TL flamers, because I'd love to get my hands on 3 of those...


P.S. If you want to add something or correct something, tell me and I'll add or correct it. Additions will be cited. Thanks!

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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

Originally Posted by shasocastris
-AMAZING against Guard!
Note: This is the crisis suit configuration with a flamer and a plasma rifle.

This suit has the surprising distinction of killing more marines at short range than any other suit, provided that you can touch at least 3 of them with the flamer template. (Second place is tied between the Helios (plasma rifle, fusion blaster) and Burning Eye (twin-linked plasma rifle) configurations, assuming a BS3 suit with no hardwiring.)

Unfortunately, you need to come within very close range to use this suit effectively. It also lacks the versatility of its rivals; the Helios is effective against close up tanks, and the Burning Eye retains more of its killing power at long range. Still, the Bladeblast (we need a better name for it) at least has some use against hordes, as well as marines.
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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

Uhhh... I wanted to vote for the Deathrain too. But Helios is my fave.
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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

i am one for Tempest (TL burst cannon and 2 gun drones)
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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

Just a suggestion but when reading the unusual configurations it would be helpfull if you postsed what they are. Such as saying deathrain is twin linked missil pods and a flamer.

As for my favorite personal configuration it is the helios coupled with a shield gennerator. It is the personal load out of my commander and his record with it cannot be argued. For general purposes I like the deathrain and fireknife configurations as they are the best on the standard suits for all around flexibility. The deathrain is good at taking down most medium armored vehicles and adding higher powered shots where needed and the fireknife is a good all arounder, plus you never know when those ap 2 shots will really come in handy.

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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

Originally Posted by Lanfeix
i am one for Tempest (TL burst cannon and 2 gun drones)
WHAT?! Come on, man, dont waste a crisis hard point, let alone two, on burst cannons. Put them on stealth suits. shot for shot they are the same price as fire warriors and you dont have to but the gun and so many more reasons. its just stupid to do that
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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

The Burst Cannon is best left to the tanks and stealths. However it can be a valuable secondary weapon when fighting hordes. Slap it on instead of a flamer when against hordes and you have a chance of pushing them back before they get too close with the added weight of fire.

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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

I have a question about an "unusual" suit configuration. I want to know mainly if it is legal to use.

I'd like to mount a crisis suit with two plasma rifles (not twin linked) and a multitracker. (I'm also going to be hardwiring-in drones.)

If I'm right, I could do this and fire 2 plasma rifle shots at up to 24" or 4 plasma rifle shots at up to 12" targets (due to rapid fire). All this can be done while moving due to the stability of jetpack tech.

I'm very drawn to the power of the shots, number of potential shots, ranges involved, and movement potential based on how I want to use this model in the army. I'm particularly considering this configuration with my Commander crisis suit, where I can boost the BS so that all those shots will be hitting often and the benefit of twin-linking the guns is not as great.

Please let a little Tau know if this is acceptable and in your opinion a good/bad idea.

Aun'shasta, master of the "Minnow of Fury"

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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

Originally Posted by Aunshasta
I'd like to mount a crisis suit with two plasma rifles (not twin linked) and a multitracker.
Unfortunately, this isn't a legal configuration. If you have two plasma rifles, they must be twin-linked.
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Default Re: Unusual Crisis Suit configs

I'm not so much of a fan of Fusion Blasters, but having suits with similar weapons is what I do. Mixing weapons of different purposes doesn't seem as efficient to me. As a result, I stick to the standard configs, Deathrain or Burning Eye, though a combination of Plasma/Fusion/Missile Pods do make it through on my commanders.. Helios wins out for me.. just.
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