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Dealing With Chaos?
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Old 10 Jan 2006, 22:20   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dealing With Chaos?

I have a game this thurday against a mate of mines who is pretty fantastic with chaos (thousand sons) and i was wondering if anyone just had some general good ideas for dealing with chaos. It's going to be a 1500pt battle just a meat grinder. I know low ap weapons and massed fire are the basics of my strategy but does anyone habe any other ways i can stop his defiler, ahrimain (don't know the name) and all the other horrors he's gonna send my way as i know very little about chaos. Cheers for any input. ;D
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

as far as that defiler, id take a unit (full unit of eight) of pathfinders, and use that pregame move to get into a position to light it up. then, blast the crap out of it with railheads and/or seeker missles. seekers work especially well if he's smart enough to hide it behind terrain and use indirect fire.
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

Thousans Sons marines are generally slow, so you can just sit Fire Warrior squads with their nice 30" range there and shoot the TS as they shamble towards you.
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

The best thing for defilers is a deepstriking twin fusion suit. You have a 1/3 chance to land correctly, so bring 2. ;D

Alternatively, bring a pirhanna. =/
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

Seeker missiles!



What, that wasn't enough?

Eat railguns, Ahriman!
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

You could easily destroy that defiler with a HAMMERHEAD
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

what do you plan on taking right now? make sure you have at least 2 railguns preferably one on a hh or both on em Death TO CHAOS SCUM beat him for me
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

Let me out it this way....

turn 1-5) Tau sit on there butts. TS move forward.

turn 6) Tau wake up and shoot the living 5*&^ out of the sons.

But seriously, rail guns and seeker missiles will take care of everything he has. Just sit back and move out of the way when he does eventually get within range.
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 10:34   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

Chaos is an easy opponent for tau. With the exception of khorne they are slow. Spend the first turn popping their anti-tank material (defiler, predator, and dreadnaught) then you can spend the rest of the game using your mobility to completely avoid getting shot at. Only problem is most of em are fearless so no pinning =(
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 16:56   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dealing With Chaos?

i'm thinking of a strong firebase of 30 or so fire warriors (i normally always take 36) then 20 kroot in two groups of ten (or not depending on terrain.) a broaside, hh, devilfish and pathfinders and then maybe some stealths and my usual fireknives and then i'm either going to take Aun'shi or a commander suit (usually an 'El) haven't decided. Any thoughts on this?
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