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Need Help against Space Marines!
View Poll Results: How many people have problems with Space Marine enemies
All the time 3 11.11%
Occasionally 15 55.56%
Used to happen 7 25.93%
Never 2 7.41%
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Old 10 Jan 2006, 19:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need Help against Space Marines!

What is the best thing to get if you have little money and need some way to take out Space Marines. My friend keeps killing me! >
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Default Re: Need Help!

Well, it would help if you tell us what your current army looks like. Then we can give you a hand with selecting a balanced army that can take on Marines. It would also be useful to know what type of army your friend plays. Tactics against a rhino assault or drop-pod marine army are going to be very different from those you will need against a force designed for fighting at range.
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Default Re: Need Help!

Khanaris is right... what armies do you have trouble facing? What units? We can tell you the best gun to shoot things with, we can help prioritize targets, we can provide some general strategy, but we will be more helpful if we know exactly what is up.
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Old 10 Jan 2006, 20:36   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Need Help!

It sounds like you're just starting out, so your friend might be too. It's been my experience that marine players like to interpret thier rules in an overexadurated way, so that they're army is way too amazing, (everybody does this i just like tearing apart marine players... I hate them). They shouldn't be too hard to beat unless they can move faster than you. IF you told us what you have in your army and what he has them we might be able to help. There definatley isn't a single unit that you buy thats meant to kill marines.
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Old 10 Jan 2006, 20:59   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Need Help!

What chapter are the Space Marines you are fighting? Just normal Codex marines or a special group like Blood Angels (I hate Blood Angels, they always beat me!)

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Default Re: Need Help!

If your versing Terminators, get a few XV-8's and equip them with fusion blasters, it will tear right through them

-Worked for me!!!
Shas'O mazza

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Default Re: Need Help against Space Marines!

fusions are not NOT meant for termies. By the time they get in range, they are in powerfist/thunder hammer range. No tau player would like to see their suit smited by a thermo-nuclear hammer/fist. Plasma (of course) is thhe best solution. However, if you use a Helios configuration it is ok. Fusion weapons are for landraider hunting.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Need Help against Space Marines!

when you say marines, does that count chaos?
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: Need Help against Space Marines!

run allot of v8's and allot of fire warriors
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Default Re: Need Help against Space Marines!

The first time I played blood angels I was routed by a squad of scouts and a squad of terminators. He didnt even bother moving anything else.

Pin his ass down with firewarriors. I take 2 squads 1/2 carbines and 1/2 pulse rifles in each. get really good at marking your ranges and KEEP out of assault range. If you have those 2 squads firing full tilt, you should kill 3 space marines a turn. If he plays with armor, I would advise a railgunned Hammerhead. In my experience a Hammerhead is worth three times its points in rhinos, especially on a 4x6 board.
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