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Drones - Working times
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Default Drones - Working times

What are the Drones fuction capabilitiese eg. Does it need an 'energy reload', ammo ect.
How long can it work on itīs own?
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Default Re: Drones - Working times

It is pretty much assumed that the Drones run on the same power supply as their Crisis Suit companions...what that power supply does/is is Currenly Being Discussed.

[size=7pt]Note: Yes, this a little bit of thread necromancy, but hey, it's on topic![/size]

Also, the Drone's TL Pulse Carbines would need a reload after a certain number of shots, but few survive long enough in battle to ever need a reload.
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Default Re: Drones - Working times

Pulse weapons probably don't need to reload near as often as traditional slug weapons, but the drones also make use of photon grenade launchers. Where the heck DOES it store them?
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Default Re: Drones - Working times

There would be some sort of feeding mechanism for the grenades... but I just don't see one. I think that drones were just a simple model thrown in with more attention to cool factor than reality. But as for working times, I'd say that a drone power core could probably sustain it for a few days, maybe even a week if it didn't do much, but that ammunition problems would probably make it battlefield ineffective sooner.
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