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Kroot: Good or Bad ?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Kroot: Good or Bad ?

personal i think kroot are bad and i would never take them in to combat
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Default Re: Kroot: Good or Bad ?


They are good fighters compared to the Tau, so provide some nice support when fighting gets uncomfortably close, stalling your enemy for you to get away to safety. They're not awesome fighters granted, but for only 7 basic point, thats pretty cheap with a rifle too...

They fit in well with the fluff of "greater good" and how they are respected for their abilities.

I'm not a large fan of the models, and can't abide the krootox, however, every other aspect of them I quite like.

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Default Re: Kroot: Good or Bad ?

I agree that kroot are not that great in combat. Kroot are best played as a tactical unit though, not a damage one.

Kroot can be taken to sit in a forest and shoot. They kill marines more efficiently than fire warriors within 24", which makes them about par against the wider range of targets. The kroot can sit and shoot, and wait to be charged, at which point they strike first or simultaneously and cause a few more casualties before they die.

That use of kroot however should be a last resort. Kroot are a tactical unit.

Kroot are cheap, and can infiltrate. This means they are a good choice for a throwaway unit to push back enemy infiltrators. Play the scenario through your head, it's an easy tactic to work out once you know of it.

If there are no enemy infiltrators, you can still use kroot to deploy normally in order to delay the deployment of your elites, hq, and fast attack.

Kroot can be used as a distraction. You can get your opponent to shoot them by moving into a position where it advantages you. You can use your kroot to protect your stealths, by making the enemy move away from them.

The next thing you can do with kroot is capture objectives. In any alpha mission, or any clease and secure and control mission, the value of a scoring unit does not matter. Kroot are good scoring units because they can infiltrate, and because they can hide behind forests, then run towards a loot token or corner in the last few turns, going through the forest without movement penalties.

Kroot are often called speedbumps. That doesn't mean you put it in front of your forces to be charged. That only speeds the enemy up, not slows them down. Kroot are speedbumps when units have to go the wrong direction to assault them. So in this case, it's similar to a distraction, subtle difference being you're slowing the enemy down rather than getting the enemy to shoot something else.

It's important to realise right now that none of these uses get any better the more pts you spend in the squad. Ony use squads of 10.
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Default Re: Kroot: Good or Bad ?

Forum Search + Look in the Stickied Topics - Kroot have been covered many times over:

[ Recent Posts ]
Kroot - Truths and Tactica
Kroot Tactics
Kroot...Bad or Good? (heh, nearly the exact same title :\)

[ From Important Topics Sticky ]
How to use your Kroot
Know Your Self
Comprehensive Guide to Tau

[ From Tactics Index ]
Kroot: Discussion Thread on how people use them
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Kroot: Why do so many of you think that Kroot suck? Or maybe why do you like the Kroot?

Kroot are very good, and come very, very cheaply. See above threads, and also see the Kroot Charge article on the main site.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Kroot: Good or Bad ?

Good or Bad... I feel that that question is more like a fluffwise moral question... I mean they are a "good", as in effective, unit. They also are a "bad", as in eating-your-opponent-half-alive-a'la-horror-movie-style, unit. I mean I would rather live next door to a sept of friendly firewarriors then a bunch of flesh-eating semi-birds that smell really bad.
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