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Commander Shadowsun pics HERE:
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Old 04 Jan 2006, 16:53   #1 (permalink)
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Default Commander Shadowsun pics HERE:

To save many the trouble, if you have pics of commander shadowsun, post them HERE:
I am sorry that I do not have any to share right now but hopefully it will make them alot easier to find.
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Old 04 Jan 2006, 17:10   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Commander Shadpwsun pics HERE:


Nice thought, but a waste of bandwidth - searching the Rumors Board above can show you everything you're looking for, and a Forum Search for Shadowsun will get back all the results you want.
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Default Re: Commander Shadpwsun pics HERE:

Right. Solve the board cramming by making another thread. Smart one.
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Default Re: Commander Shadpwsun pics HERE:

Well, I'm sure that if you go the the GW "Sneak Peeks" and check out the 40K Rumours there are some pictures located there. Hope that helped!

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