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Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?
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Old 02 Jan 2006, 09:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

personal i like him he has pull my neck out of the fire lots of times plus his better WS and I and help at times
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Default Re: commander O'Shovah good or bad?

On a personal note, I really do not like O'Shasvah character, and will be pleased to hopefully see him gone in the new Tau Empire Codex. He really limits the amount of "specialized" units that you can take.

As for the ork fighter rule, it is pretty much rubbish to see it put on Crisis and Firewarriors...an increase in WS does no good against orks...trust me.
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Default Re: commander O'Shovah good or bad?

Bad. He costs too much for what he does and his mini is really bad. I agree with Aunny about the specialized units.

He will be in the new codex, I've seen pictures.
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Default Re: commander O'Shovah good or bad?

I hate that he has the huge extra aerial, it looks really bad.* I like the idea of him, but hes too much points wise, and not good enough for it.* I hope we get another special character in the empire, who isn't based on close combat.
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

I like the extra ateanna. It makes his crisis head look a little bigger than the minicule head of a standard XV. Cost way too much to be effective (even against orks). Also, the "Breakaway Faction" is another theing that would turn people down from using him. However, it forces a tau player to be aggressive, rather than defencive (hehe, it rythmes ;D). Stratigacally, it "could" be possible better than being static. This generally means, that a tau player MUST be Mech Tau. However, because of the lower resources, this army will only be effective against nonshooty armies (This includes: eldar, dark eldar, orks, necrons). Otherwise with shooty armies (IG, marines, tau). You are dead, because you have less, but more expensive units.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

He is a terrible special character, the ork fighter rule is pitiful and a waste of points as well as the fact it puts such a limit on the rest of your army, plus the model is sickening i mean the blade he carries doesn't look good enough to cut bread with let alone orkz. Although this is off the point a bit i find that Aun'shi is far better and definetly worth the points. sorry if i've repeated anyhin said but i didna read all o the posts cos i'm in a rush!

up up and away! *swooshes cape dramatically* ;D
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

He is bad because he limits the amount of units you can get. The extra weapon skills for troops is nice but........like the others say he costs too much and really is only good when fighting orks
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

Give us an oppertunity to upgrade normal units to elite status, like the ork fighter upgrade,instead. Witout O'shovah
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

I personaly love Farsight. His model needs work, but then I'd never use the model. I'd convert him myself. I'd love to run mech tau, and if I ever get around to it It'll be Enclave. Then again, I'm the sort of fool who plays a pure DH army as my primary force (though I win 75% of the time)
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Default Re: Commander O'Shovah: good or bad?

I personally dont play him due to the lack of heavy support and the need to supplement everything with lots of crisis suits. I do like the fact that he opens up the option to play tau in a bit of a different style if i wanted to. As for the Ork fighter rule, definately not against orks as someone has said, but i have thought about talking oshovah and anoth hq squad of crisis suits, giving them the upgrade, and rushing some troops or heavy support of the enemy. on a Shas'o, that means on the charge 5 attacks at init 4, which is above normal. More than anything i think this would throw off an opponent and confuse them.

In Codex: Tau Empire, O'Shovah and his Farsight Enclave will indeed be there but from what i have heard it gets significantly better. I have heard that squads (maybe just firewarriors, but i think all units) will get Bonded for free and that O'Shovah can take up to 7 or 8 bodyguards, which is just a monstorously expensive HQ unit of doom, especially because they would all be eligible for special issue gear.
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